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Honey, I’d Like You to Meet The Greys; Our New Neighbors From Dulce!

Meet The Grays


Since the publication of this article, Mr Sanchez has published and offers for sale a PDF file [and now, print book] entitled, UFO Highway; within the pages is a copy of a DD-214 allegedly belonging to "Colonel X"; a copy of said doc was faxed to the NPRC in St Louis where Sanchez claimed to have obtained the DD-214 via a FOIA request–they stated emphatically that the document was bogus.

By Anthony Sanchez

Anthony Sanchez     Dulce, NM - The consensus on whether Greys at Dulce exist, is heavily varied and still debated. Just take a look at a recent response from one of the most preeminent experts on Deep Underground Military Bases, Dr. Richard Sauder:
"Dulce is quite likely a disinformation smoke screen to deflect researchers' attention from other places, including in New Mexico, where there are REAL underground bases -- like Sandia National Lab, Los Alamos National Lab, White Sands Missile Range, Kirtland AFB, and the very real Manzano underground base, which I conclusively document in my third book, and which my background sources tell me is VAST, not big, not large, neither very large nor very big, but … VAST."
So it' s safe to assume that Dr. Sauder is a believer in underground bases; however, not so much towards the existence of Greys (with respect to Dulce). In fact, he goes so far as to refute the existence of a Deep Underground Complex at Dulce itself. But where does this leave Ufology and those who research Dulce? In fact, where does this leave me? You see, this past year in January I was put in contact with a retired USAF Colonel who wanted to come forth as a whistleblower on Dulce, based on his service at Dulce during 1979 to 1983.

After this meeting I searched and performed exhaustive researches on Dulce and what the larger UFO community believes may be going on there; and not just underground, but with respect to the surface level activities too. Abductions, Mutilations, UFO sightings, Contact with Greys, etc.

Upon looking into Dulce what I found is that much of the data that has trickled in from the ranks of Ufology is that the majority of researchers do believe that there is indeed an "Alien Controlled Segment" operating at Dulce, and that they are in fact operating within the ranks of our own Government. There is a serious nature over this concept and it is driven by this enigmatic desire by someone or some group to devastate cattle populations in and around the Southwestern Four Corners region, extending all the way out to the Southern Colorado’s, San Luis Valley. Families are left clueless and in some cases financially devastated.

The Colonel claims it is the military that has been propagating the use of living organisms such as anthrax, and non-living organisms such as ricin, saxitoxin and botulinum toxin on area cattle to monitor the affects of these agents; for future potential use on human combatants. And sometimes, he says, these exercises are facilitated using Grey technology. Take a look at a comment made during 1991 by noted Ufologist Michael Lindemann from his lecture titled, “Dissention amid Control over Underground Complexes”:
“There is a growing division taking place between the Constitutionalists of America and the Alien controlled segments within the underground bases. This would also include their human pawns who will apparently do anything, even murder their fellow man, in order to continue receiving the technological benefits from their alien masters, to whom they have sold themselves and whose agenda of control and subversion they are serving, whether knowing or unknowingly.”
When I read this, it sounded eerily familiar to me. In fact, it resonated exactly with the testimony provided to me by my own source. So I dug deeper, and began to ask questions from those surrounding the lecture circuit on Deep Underground Bases, Greys, UFOs and Cattle Mutilations. What I found was a conundrum of mixed data (disparate data) that needed to be consolidated, catalogued, and expertly disseminated as articulate as possible into a deliverable … so that the masses of those interested could then review and decide for themselves.

One interesting development, and what surprised me the most during this research was that I began to discover that there is a strong ‘Outside Interest’ that would stand to lose much with the release of my own book UFO Highway, and only now do I understand why. It is because in the Colonel’s testimony on Dulce there are no abductions, mutilations or engagements of any kind pertaining to “Reptilians”.

And that is a message which reverberates (even now) throughout the UFO community; because this is what most people were lead to believe since the dissemination of these stories across the internet since the mid 1990s. Also, what attracts even more heated attention is that there is no Thomas E. Castello or mention of his story within the confines of the Colonel’s testimony. I have seen some very negative things come in as a result of this, from believers in the Reptilian Dulce saga. I am sorry, if you read the book you will find that I am not a disbeliever in Reptilians, rather they just never had jobs at Dulce.

I' ve personally staked my name, and career in UFO research on the belief in this one retired USAF officer and his testimony on Dulce. The Greys, their history, the Deep Underground Complex and how it all originated come into light under the interview I conducted on January 6th, 2010. And for me, this interview shocked me to my core, mostly because I never believed in the Dulce story. I never accepted that a joint Alien/U.S. Government base could possibly exist (there).

I had always believed since 1989 that the S-4 facility within Area 51 was the de facto location for such activities. But 20 years later, it would take disclosure from one person whose only wish is to stop malevolent events from occurring under a tenuous relationship between both man and Grey; a relationship founded upon lies and for promised collateral involvement of the innocent.

So folks, this is not disinformation; rather, this is what I now believe, and I promise you that there is indeed something there at Dulce. Again, from the beginning I felt this was a tall-tale – even a lie. Hence, the reason why I brought in Norio Hayakawa … to make sure I was not being hoaxed. And I can tell you with all conviction that this retired USAF Colonel is who he says he is. I know his identity. And he says there are Greys in Dulce exchanging technology with the US Government … for resources they require.

Readers of the book will see his DD-214 and the listing of a place whereby he served in an official and classified capacity called “RIO ARRIBA CO, DSD-3”. But according to the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, Missouri, specifically, the Military Personnel Records Custodian “there is no known military location known as Rio Arriba Co. nor is there any known unit called DSD-3.” And only the DIA has a division (not a unit) called DSD-3, their "General Military Intelligence Support Division" … and it came about years after the Colonel had already retired. Yet, there it is for all to see (on his official DD-214 sent directly by the NPRC).

And finally, just to be sure I checked with other groups. One of them was the BIA, and according to the “Department of the Interior Bureau of Indian Affairs, Southwest Region - Jicarilla Agency” … there is no permanent or temporary military presence in the township of Dulce or the county of Rio Arriba. There has not been one since the last days of the U.S. Calvary.

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