Thursday, September 23, 2010

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: "UFO's Were Hovering Over the Hanford Atomic Energy Facility . . ." F 94 Starfire Jets Were Scrambled!

Hanford Plutonium Plant
Reader Submitted Report

     I was stationed at the 636th AC&W Radar site, Condon,Oregon in the 1950's in the capacity of Air Policeman base security.

On one very clear day my phone rang at the gatehouse, It was Major Arnold asking me to go outside and look straight up and tell him what I saw. It appeared to be a disc shaped object very bright and shiny.

Everybody that wanted to or could leave his post or duties was invited to look and or take photos It.appeared as a bright and shiny dime. I don't know if our height finder was installed at that time.

On one such incident some UFO's were hovering over the Hanford Atomic Energy facility and supposedly six F 94 Starfire jets were dispatched from McCord air force base to chase away the UFO's.

Four aircraft never returned as reported by the press.

Our radar site was about thirty miles south of the Columbia River, The Hanford works was about fifty miles north of the river. I never could understand why the cover up unless it was of our own technology.

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