Monday, September 06, 2010

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: UFOs Were Extracting Power From From Electric Tower

UFO with Orb Extracting Electricty From Power Lines
Reader Submitted Report

     I was only a kid at the time but I saw a couple that had police in beaver county and Ohio on a chase. They where within eye view hovering all around beaver county. I know now the reason was due to they needed fuel.

I saw them go to some power lines in Midland PA atop Hillcrest manor. As kids we would play up there due to around the power lines towers was a open field that people would take dogs to run and we would play. To be honest we would go up there to see a hot girl that took her dog up there.

I remember it like yesterday due to there is a empty water tower also up there and you only had to take a right through some bush to get to it. When I came to the field it was lit up and I saw three UFOs were there on the ground. One of them had a floating orb that looked like glass with water in it pulling electric out of the towers. It was like lighting you could see going into the ball but not into the UFO.

I was so scared that I ran back down the hill told others and they called police which already been chasing it came right up. Never seen the police respond so quick. They had light on and all just to send the UFO away.

I told my friend and we both went up there the next morning. That morning to find in the field burnt circles perfect circles in the field where this happened. It was funny how the field grass did not catch on fire and how the UFO burnt perfect circles black as could be in the straw like grass on the ground.

The cops even went up there then Government people came and closed off the area the next day. They burnt the fields that got rid of the circles. It was a classic cover up if you ask me. I'm telling you if you want to get pics of UFO close up hide camera around power lines where people report them. That is what they are doing there. I been in the USMC for over 20 years now and I'm telling you the truth and I'm not crazy at all. I just want to know have other asked you the same thing or told you they saw the same thing?

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