Monday, September 06, 2010

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: TV Show On Chris Bledsoe Evokes Memory of UFO Sighting in Washington State

UFOs Over Washington State Circa 1972
By hogan58

     I saw the show about the Chris Bledsoe incident and the turmoil it caused his family and life. I watched this show and any shows relateted to ufo's because as a teenager on a hiking trip in the cascade mts. Wa. a group of us were sleeping in the open, no tent, staring at the stars.

We were high in the mts.with a lot of snow cover still on the ground sleeping on a dry patch of the mt. It was very dark and it was if we were in heaven as the stars seemed so close and bright. We saw satilites cruising through space, small white dots on a steady course, shooting stars that vanished as quick as you spotted them and of course millions of stars.

All of sudden we saw a white dot that looked like a satalite or star, it was in space but it was zig zagging up and down rapidly from left to right for a short time and then it stopped and sat still, within moments a shooting star streaked across the sky but it stopped next to the dot that zig zagged and now there were 2 dots in space, and again another streak shoots at the 2 dots and stops on a dime from shooting star speed to a dead stop in an instance and the three dots sat in a triangle.

After a short time of sitting motionless, one after the other, shot into space so fast it was like you saw on star trek show when they went warp speed. Unbelievable from zero to streak speed and gone in a flash. This happened in the spring of 72 and i don't remember the names of kids with me as we were a group of troubled teens thrown together for a hike in Gods country by our councilor who if i remember was Mr. Beard.

Anybody who knows me has heard this story and many strangers if the subject comes up, or it comes to mind, during a conversation with them. Some people will relate there own exp. others are quiet and don't say much and i suspect they think i'm full of B.S. ethier way it don't bother me, i know what i saw, and i have nothing to gain by wasting peoples time with B.S.

In fact i love to relate my experiance because i got a glimpse of the unknown and i think everyone should be aware that there are things that are unexplainable in the universe.

One thing i would like to do is trace down the kids there that nite and recount the nite as we saw it, would there version be exactly the same as i remember or would there be different views i lke to think we all saw the same thing and the way it happened, i remember we all talked about it before we fell asleep.

One strange thing i remember is we saw all this on a clear nite, went to sleep and woke up in a cloudy rain storm soaked sleeping bags and cold. Fortunetly the councilors and the rest of the guys built a lean-to shelter and we all crawled in till morn.

The reason i rambled this story out was i think Chris Bledsoe got or gets a lot of disrespect because he was involved in the unimanigable. Iv'e never met him but from watching him on t.v. and my own experiance i have no doubt he's telling the truth and appears to be a stand up person, and if you ever get a chance to read this Chris let it be known that you have people that stand behind you and your situation. God Bless All, and keep your eyes to the heavens.

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