Saturday, September 04, 2010

MUFON: Are You Skeptics In Disguise?

MUFON Radio with Rick Wood
By Anthony F. Sanchez
© 9-3-10
Anthony Sanchez     Is MUFON serious by asking skeptic Rick Wood to host their inaugural radio show? This really stinks, and it just shows how MUFON is acquiescing more to the close-minded individuals and not the UFO Researcher. Furthermore, I ask you, "Do you know what this really means?"

The answer is, it means we can now expect "attacks on character" and "additional ridicule" against the many curious individuals, who are not active UFO researchers, but who would ponder to guess at what they simply do not recognize. Regular folk, UFOers! That’s who you are going lose Mr. Clift.

But the powers that be within MUFON decided to go ahead and hand the job over to a well known skeptic, one who is probably an ardent supporter of Skeptic Magazine too.

Well, in addition to the expected ridicule you can say "good bye" to UFO inquiries from the public sky watching base if decisions like these continue to happen; because as any good skeptic will tell you, "They' re just UFO nuts!" That’s why there’s probably going to be no call-ins allowed to the show; if you are already familiar with Rick Wood’s talk-style.

This decision by MUFON was wrong. MUFON’s new International Director, Clifford Clift, says he hired Wood to bring a different perspective into MUFON with the hopes of gaining new members. And in telling us why he decided to ask Rick Wood to host, he stated, "because fresh ideas may bring fresh understanding to an age-old mystery.”

Well guess what Mr. Clift? Your version of a “fresh skeptical perspective” on unknown aerial phenomena is quite reminiscent of when they said "we need a fresh new perspective on how to reformulate Coca Cola." Remember that fiasco? Well that is what you are doing to MUFON now by making such an irresponsible decision.

With your membership only hovering in the 3000+- figure (see Wikipedia) you really need to decide if hurting your current and potentially new members by having them subjected to the self-important and very conceited nature of skeptics was wise. And why is that, it is because this is how the skeptic has traditionally treated the UFO crowd. Haven’t you ever watched Larry King?

In my opinion, someone with a background in researching UFOs, who comes with an open mind and who possesses an ability to understand the enthusiasm and intense curiosity of the UFO crowd, is who you should have selected. Not a skeptic.

The UFO crowd does not want to hear from someone whose claim to fame is demonstrations on how to debunk cold readings and dowsing. Instead, please give us the likes of Stanton Friedman , Dennis Balthaser or Jim Marrs. Not a skeptic.


  1. It doesn't matter to me if the host is a skeptic. In fact, that will probably make for a more objective show. But what puzzles me is that the archive is rife with dozens of interviews that have absolutely nothing to do with what MUFON does. There's even an interview in there with a member of the KKK about race relations. What in the hell does that have to do with UFOs? Seems like an extremely bizarre archive for a "serious" UFO organization.

  2. Sean

    As I wrote to Anthony:

    Since I don't know "Rick Wood," or anything about him, I can't offer an informed opinion; however, I would hope that MUFON, whose mission statement is:

    "The Scientific Study of The UFO Phenomenon for The Benefit of Humanity"

    would be "overtly" skeptical and not "disguise anything!" Scientific methodology employs a "skeptical posture" looking to discern facts, in this instance re Ufology.

    The best "skeptics" are in fact Ufologists.


  3. @Frank:

    Hmm, left wondering if you even read my comment. The sentiment expressed by me was that the host being an alleged "skeptic" was not a problem with me. In fact, a skeptical host actually seems like a positive (So long as they are not a full-blown scoffer). My criticism had nothing to do with the belief system of the host but rather with the curious nature of the content. At a glance I'd guess maybe 10%-20% of the episodes might be about UFOs. Many of the others cover all sorts of things, the paranormal, politics, conspiracy theories, etc. All of those shows should be removed from the archive because they have nothing to do with MUFON or its mission statement.

  4. Sean,

    I did read your comment and thank you for taking the time to make it, and I might add a very salient one indeed.

    Pardon my focus on Anthony's argument, as I'm currently in a group discussion with him et al as we speak.

    My point re "a skeptic" and or skeptical host is that "belief" shouldn't enter into the fray--period! Skepticism is a componet of scientific methodology, which according to MUFON is part of their credo.

    As to your main thesis, I am in total agreement, and that is the other half of MUFON's credo, i.e., the investigation of UFOs, not ghosts, goblins or Bigfoot etc.

    Mixing UFOlogy with other so-called phenomenon is detrimental to salient research!


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