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UFO NEWS: The Clovis UFO, Finally Getting Some Answers

Clovis UFO Sighting

By Anthony Sanchez

Q: What do “Naval Air Station Lemoore CA”, the C-17 Globemaster III, and MUFON have in common?

A: Triangles.

Anthony SanchezFRESNO CA - On the evening of July 2nd 2010 a family reported an incident of a Triangle Craft hovering over their home in the small suburban community of Clovis CA which hugs a very rural area of low lying rugged and scattered rocky terrain in California’s Central Valley. (MUFON case # 24103)

ChemtrailsOne month earlier in June, military jets purportedly depositing Chem Trails were recorded by Sanger Paranormal Society upon receiving word from worried citizens. One month later the July incident occurred at the Family’s home. Then on August 21st, a complete set of new witnesses called MUFON State Section Director Jeffrey Gonzalez to report a live incident of a purported UFO crash in the hills North Fresno, CA.

Jeffrey GonzalezI began working closely with Jeff Gonzalez to begin meta-analysis of similar sightings combing MUFON reports from the East Coast back towards California. Through investigating we found a similar type event recorded by Alison Kruse in Murrysville PA , exactly one year earlier. At first my reaction was, wow, these craft appear to be identical; especially when we performed the digital enhancement of the Clovis UFO video. But my gut kept telling me that this possibly could be a C-17 Globemaster III in high altitude; hence the little to no sound heard in the video. My reasoning is that the light pattern with the large red centered light does resemble that of the C-17.

As a responsible UFO investigator, I worked with Jeff Gonzalez to put this to the test and to try and best determine what it is exactly people are seeing. I pulled in one of Ufology’s most respected researchers, Frank Warren of California , to give his own analysis. Upon reviewing the data, Frank firmly believes that this is indeed a conventional aircraft. Jeffrey Gonzalez to his credit, also called Ruben Uriarte of MUFON who will be introducing his own Avionics Expert to help review the data and determine exactly what people are seeing there in the Central Valley.

In my discussion with UFO spotter Alison Kruse, she feels confident that the analysis performed by Benjamin Dupuis, European UFO Researcher and expert on the Belgium Triangle, on determining that her own videotaped craft is indeed a genuine UFO, will help to assert that the Clovis UFO is also a genuine UFO possibly the TR-3B (Astra).

To Alison’s credit, she has taken lots of heat from skeptics over her video work and knows that the families in Clovis and North Fresno will also be hit hard by those who would prefer to ridicule that simply have a differing opinion. Let’s hope this does not happen. If we gang up on people who report UFO sightings and ridicule them to the point where they are harassed to a complete level of silence, then this leaves the serious UFO community without a sky watcher base who is instrumental in assisting our work. Remember that at night many things which are innocuous by nature can be deceivingly enigmatic. But that does not mean people are attempting to fabricate; rather, they are reporting what is simply not recognized. Okay, now I’ll come down off my soapbox…

In the meantime, the YouTube video posting of the Clovis UFO reached 16,000 hits in just (two) days since being originally posted by the Sanger Paranormal Society. And other people making copies of the videos and posting in their own channels have augmented this number by thousands as well.

I would like to state that both Jeff Gonzalez and I are working hard with MUFON and our own personal UFO researcher resources to determine what this is before making claims of alien or secret military origin. I even have Joerg Arnu, famous Area 51 researcher fielding some questions for me over this topic.

Unmarked VansIn closing, please keep in mind that two unmarked white vans paid a visit to the home of the Family the day after their initial sighting. And my requests to the FAA and Naval Air Station Lemoore CA have been met with dead silence thus far in my attempts to corroborate flight data and possible crash information. So stay tuned to further word on the analysis performed by Ruben Uriarte (MUFON) and his avionics expert and Sanger Paranormal Society.

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