Thursday, August 19, 2010

UFO NEWS: Former MoD UFO Investigator, 'Nick Pope' To Speak at Weird 10 Conference

Nick Pope
Nick Pope for Warminster UFO conference

By BBC-Wilshire

A host of UFO experts including Nick Pope will be speaking at a paranormal conference in Warminster soon.

It is an appropriate location as Wiltshire is considered one of the weirdest counties in the UK, and Warminster was once crowned the UFO capital of the world.

Weird 10 is due to take place at the Athenaeum Theatre in Warminster on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 August.

The event will showcase 12 well-known speakers, researchers, authors and celebrities on the subject of UFOs and the paranormal.

Last year's Weird '09 event was rated one of the best conferences of its type in the UK, and organisers hope to go one better in 2010.

Event organiser Chris Williams said: "Everyone is welcome to come along, not just people who are into the unexplained.

"Our aim is to give a balanced view. There will be experts there and we ask people to come with an open mind. This is not one of those kind of conferences where everyone wears an anorak! It's for the general public as much as anyone."

MoD investigator

Household names such as Nick Pope and Ciaran O'Keeffe and well-known researchers such as Andy Russell, Dr David Clarke, Andy Roberts and Wal Thornhill, will all be speaking at this year's event.

Nick Pope came to prominence in the mid-90s following a resurgence in interest in UFOs and the paranormal through publicised alien abduction claims and the success of hit TV show, The X-Files.

He worked for the MoD for 25 years, and between 1991 and 1994 was the agency's chief UFO investigator. Since leaving the organisation, he has written a number of books on the subject of UFOs and speaks at conferences around the world.

Ciaran O'Keeffe is a parapsychologist who specialises in psychical research. He has appeared on programmes like Most Haunted and Jane Goldman Investigates.

Attendees at the event can also participate in an open question and answer session, at the theatre, at the end of the first day's talks.

Free copies of Paranormal Magazine will be on offer, and large merchant stall areas will be stocked with a range of paranormal-related items and memorabilia.


The event will also launch two books by authors Andy Roberts and Brian Allan.

Live music will be supplied, on the Saturday evening, by The Programme Initiative, an innovative band that mixes stunning visuals with their music.

The Saturday evening ends with a chance to join the legendary UFO Warminster skywatch held at Cradle Hill on the outskirts of the town.

Chris said: "The skywatch is an educational tool. We're going to be up on the hills pointing things out and saying that's not a UFO, it's a planet, a star, an aircraft or whatever it may be.

"There will also be an opportunity throughout the weekend for people, who may have had some sort of experience they can't explain, to talk to us as we've got years and years of experience and hundreds of cases behind us.

"So we can give you an initial diagnosis of what you may have seen and perhaps investigate it further if you want us to."

For more information about Weird 10, visit the Weird Events website.

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