Wednesday, August 11, 2010

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Witness Recounts "Wing Shaped" Object Flying Low Over Toledo, Ohio

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     Let me start off by saying I'm 61 years old and not prone to flights of fantasy.

Maybe three years ago in the late summer, I saw a wing shaped object over Toledo,Oh. I was in my back yard and had just put up my car in the garage. It was overcast and the object was very low in the sky. I would guess maybe 500 feet high.

At first I thought it was a low flying passenger jet. But as I looked at it I could not see any body, just the wings. What I could see seemed to be reflecting the brassy glow of the city lights.There was also no jet engine noise. I would guess the speed as around 100 to 150 MPH. I'm no expert but I know enough to know what most jets are capable of and their limits. To be frank it looked allot like the old flying wings that I believe Boing built in the 50s, but the wings seemed to be at a steeper angle. I could see no engine housings. There were also none of the normal wing tip lights that you see on a normal aircraft. I think it was moving in a north to south direction. I would have reported it back then but at the time I was working at a local Tech college and did not want to make waves.....I am no longer working at the college so..........My question is "Has there been any reported sightings around Toledo around this time?

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