Tuesday, August 31, 2010

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Huge UFO 'Rumbles' Over House in Pittsfield, NH

My UFO Experience - Seen Over Pttsfield, New Hampshire
Reader Submitted Report

Where - Pittsfield NH

When – 8:30pm – Nov 2nd 2008

Weather – Clear starry sky. Temp-58

Witness - My wife saw it after I alerted her to come out… I don’t think anyone else I our community saw it.

How did I feel? What an interesting question. Bear with me as I will expand beyond the intension of your question… I felt a heightened sense curiosity and awareness to analyze what I was seeing (no fear).

The strongest possibility is that UFO’s are the result of undisclosed black research projects accomplished via decades of secret budget quantities utilized to fund lead scientists like Boyd Bushman and the like.

History has always demonstrated that power wins wars and does what it pleases. I certainly hope there is an exception involving this technology should it be terrestrial.

I also believe that intelligent extraterrestrial life exists and I guess at this point in my life I’m interested to collaborate with other to compare perspectives.

Above is what we saw… this is the underside of the object as seen over our house. I heard a rumbling sound outside (kinda like the same sound on the Star Wars movie where that huge reflective jet craft rumbled as it slowed down when approaching the planet) so I stepped out onto my deck and the object was about 1500ft in the air right above my house. The object then proceeded in a Northerly direction at about 100 mile an hour (for such a large craft the visual of it in my opinion was that it was moving slow) for about 2 miles and then curved/turned Westerly towards Loudon… probably just short of the NHIS Speedway as the crow flies.


  1. This sighting was originally reported to www.nhufo.org on Dec. 3, 2008 and posted on the web-site as having happened on Dec. 3, 2008 at 8:30 pm over Pleasant St. in Chichester (one town over from Pittsfield). Now, over a year later the same witnesses have sent the same report to this web-site BUT THE DATE AND LOCATION ARE DIFFERENT. This report is questionable.

  2. I have been seeing UFO craft in the skies of Pittsfield, New Hampshire for the past three years now. I have also seen the SAME craft that you described, but it was during the summer of 2011. It was ENORMOUS (bigger than anything we currently have flying in the skies. It was a clear night lit by the moon. The object moved too slow to be a conventional aircraft. It slowly flew over our building and made absolutely NO noise. I was terrified.

    The object was headed in the direction of South Main Street. Unlike you, I believe these craft are extraterritorial in origin. I don't believe our Government would be foolish enough to test black projects over populated ares.

  3. Testing does occur over populated areas, and flight paths at times must occur over populated areas. Most craft of the Black Budget types are silent in advanced stages of development but in early stages might have audible sound qualities. I have observed craft development over time resulting in significantly reduced audibility.
    On several occasions I have observed low flying craft over a heavily populated area, slow, nearly silent. They flew without lights, and on one occasion the craft I saw several times flew very low over a well lit parking lot of a market complex. At first I thought why would they be so careless, people are bound to see it, though it was so quiet it was unlikely to be expected and therefore unlikely to be recorded. It was likely from a nearby military air base. I presume it may have been a test for general population awareness. It is probable the calls to 911 would be monitored for reports. No reports means no alarms worthy of reporting to emergency services, proving the craft to be stealthy or not in populated areas. The craft I saw several times in a populated area was dark, shaped like a football and able to do a 90 degree turn while moving slowly about 3-5 mph. It was almost inaudible but as it moved away I could hear what sounded like very muffled jet engine output.
    So if a black budget craft were in a populated area as described above, it would not make the account implausible to me. Altered reports would be of more concern. But not conclusive for de-bunkery as dubious as it makes the report seem. I would need more information before jumping to the de-bunkery scenario. But the feel of the report would likely lead me toward concern for fabrication.


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