Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hum a Few Bars for Me
A Theory on the Humming and Buzzing Sounds Reported by Some Abductees

Alien Abduction
By David Andrew
© 8-30-10

David Andrew      I had recently been doing some extended research into brain wave patterns and how they related to a person’s level of consciousness. Specifically, I was looking at brain wave patterns when a person is wide awake, on through the varying states leading up to deep sleep. While searching for related information I came across an article by accident that was quite interesting. The article was dated February 21, 2010 and it was about brain waves and sound waves. The focus of the article was to highlight the findings of a study done by Professor Nina Kraus at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. In the study it was shown that the electrical activity inside the brain while listening to music closely matches the physical properties of sound waves. Professor Kraus stated, “When we play the brainwaves back as sound, although they don’t sound exactly like the song that was being listened to during the experiment, it is pretty similar. It shows that the brain matches the physical properties of sound very closely.” The content of that article reminded me a little of some of the research done by the late, Robert Monroe. In 1975 Monroe was awarded the first of three patents for a method of altering brain states through the use of sound. While reflecting upon and considering this information I suddenly had a definite, “Ah-Ha!” moment.

Some abductees have reported humming or buzzing sounds just before certain abduction experiences. This made me wonder if these sounds might actually have a purpose that could be related to the abductees brain wave function. Could extraterrestrials be utilizing sound to affect abductee’s brain waves and, what would be the purpose in doing so? It seems quite evident that sound waves can affect brain waves. I mentioned earlier the study done by Professor Kraus and the work of Robert Monroe and it occurred to me that this relation between sound waves and brain waves might have been researched for other applications. Doing a little digging into this I did find a little information on a sound weapon that had been demonstrated by the DOD (Department of Defense). I haven’t been able to find the name of the weapon or the project name but what I did find was this:
The U.S. DOD has demonstrated phased arrays of infrasonic emitters. The weapon usually consists of a device that generates sound at about 7 Hz. The output from the device is routed (by pipes) to an array of open emitters. At this frequency, armor and concrete walls and other common building materials allow sound waves to pass through, providing little defense.
If our science can construct such a device then I don’t think it’s a great speculative leap to assume that extraterrestrials could also build such a device. The 7 Hz operating frequency of the DOD device is interesting and even more so if a similar frequency would be used in an extraterrestrial device of this nature. This frequency falls within the frequency range of theta waves in the brain-3Hz to 8Hz. This is significant because high theta waves in the brain are associated with mental states such as deep relaxation, meditation, day dreaming, and R.E.M. sleep. The question remains as to what extraterrestrials would use such a device for if they had a similar device. If an infrasound device could beam a strong and continuous sound wave in the 3 Hz to 8 Hz frequency range into the area were a person was then, that person’s brain could be forced into a high theta wave state.

If a state of high theta waves or even delta waves which are associated with sleep can be artificially maintained in a person then it would be like a form of mental anesthesia. So, how could this figure into the abduction scenario? If the abductee’s brain waves are forcefully altered into these states before an abduction encounter begins and this state is maintained, then the abductee would remain physically placid during the encounter. This would most certainly make whatever tasks the extraterrestrials were going to undertake during the abduction much easier for them. Using an infrasound device on an abductee in this manner would be akin to a high tech tranquilizer dart except without any drugs involved.

I know what I have presented here is purely theoretical but, if it is possible extraterrestrials use infrasound as a tool before some abduction encounters then, this does raise many related questions. What percentage of abductions reported included the abductee perceiving a humming or buzzing sound before the experience began? To try to fend off or prevent an abduction an adult abductee is more apt to become violent or aggressive than a child might in the same situation. When recalling childhood abduction experiences do people remember hearing such sounds before those encounters or are such sounds reported more after the abductee has moved into adulthood?

Most abduction researchers will interview potential abductees, record their stories and look for commonalities. Researchers have also tried to find corroborative evidence of abductions by looking for physical trace evidence such as strange marks on the abductees, chemical residue, or residual electromagnetic effects. All of these things are pertinent but I have a feeling there are other side aspects of abduction reports that could be more revealing if looked at more analytically and not dismissed as just random anomalies. The possible use of infrasound during some abductions is only one of these random aspects and I suspect there are others. Many researchers focus on looking for the “smoking gun” behind abductions. I have a feeling that a closer look at some of the more random effects associated with abductions could collectively yield useful information behind the “why” and “how” questions about the abduction phenomenon.


  1. Good Day David,

    Thank you for your latest contribution here at TUC. I found your piece most thought provoking, and certainly deserving in further research!!

    The notion that "sound" can be used as a weapon, if you will, is unnerving, but perhaps in the reverse, it can be used as a tool in abduction research; if an abductee's environment can be replicated, I wonder what information can be culled from such an experiment?


  2. The original Solfeggio frequencies, still have the capacity to transform your life in miraculous ways. Their origins date back to ancient times but mysteriously, around 1050 AD, they disappeared.

    These chants contained special frequencies which were believed to impart tremendous spiritual blessings, penetrate deep into the recesses of the subconscious mind and promote great healing and transformation.

  3. You should watch the first Iron Man movie 2008. The company partner (Obadiah Stane) of stark industries uses a sound weapon to paralyse people including Tony Stark. He has special noise cancelling ear plugs to make himself impervious to the sound waves. Its freaky cause I had already seen this Movie before and I watched it again on TV last night, and now I read this article :)

  4. that would explain why the tin foil hat keeps the voices out


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