Friday, July 09, 2010

UFO NEWS: An ‘Unidentified Flying Object’ Forces Temporary Closure of Chinese Airport; Inbound Flights Diverted

Picture of the Hangzhou UFO taken by a Hangzhou resident

By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles
© 7-9-10

     News coming out of China asserts that a UFO, initially reported by a pilot on an inbound flight to Xiaoshan Airport at Zhejiang's provincial capital of Hangzhou late on Wednesday forced a temporary shut down of all air traffic; the crew and passengers of the plane also witnessed the object.

Accordingly, the pilot notified the control tower at Xiaoshan and although the object wasn’t visible to radar, emergency procedures were implemented; outbound flights were delayed and inbound flights were diverted to other nearby airports.

As the situation progressed the object would be sighted by many witnesses, as well as being captured on video and still cameras. All in all, beginning at 8:41 Wednesday evening, air traffic was suspended for just under an hour.

18 flights were affected: 12 inbound flights were rerouted to nearby airports, 1 was put in a holding pattern, circling the airport and 5 outbound flights were delayed. Over 2000 passengers were affected by the emergency protocol, precipitated by the UFO report.

Government officials are staying mum until an investigation is completed, and rumors are running rampant with the notion of anything from ET, to a private plane, or some new secret military craft . . ..

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