Sunday, July 25, 2010

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Witness Recounts UFOs Near Doyle, California

My UFO Experience
Reader Submitted Report

     About the year 1976 I was returning from my sister's home to my father's down the hill. I saw 3 lights near the mountain close by Doyle, California. Doyle is about 4,300 ft above sea level and the mountain near it in north easterly direction are about 7,000 ft. altitude. The mountain is probably 4 miles away from Doyle. I would say at about the 6,000 ft. level and probably South west from the mountain were the three lights. They were motionless and the lights did not flicker with air temperature variations. There was one almost directly over my head; that means there were four total as I remember. It could be there was at the mountain but I think I remember 3 being there. I remember stopping to take a look; it was about 3:00 am. I looked up for maybe three minutes as I remember. Then as if communicated instantly all four lights clicked off. I did not hear a sound and did not or could not see any silhouette against the night sky. There was no sound of leaving, there was no sound at all; at anytime. Yet I knew somehow there was some mental connection with them. I could feel it somehow in my upper chest area and what felt like my mind. I somehow knew when they turned off the lights that they instantly and jointly decided and acted on their decision to leave; then they were gone.

I was an aircraft mechanic in the U.S. Air Force for four years then worked as an A & P licensed mechanic for seven more years for World Airways in Oakland California. I would have known if these were jets, reciprocating (airplanes with piston driven engines or helicopters. These were hovering silently and motionless. Their lights did not seem to have a directed beam. They were very bright but like a slightly different kind of light that I had not seen before. When they turned off they flicked of in what seems like instantly. With now afterglow of a filament as most light bulbs do.

I do not remember looking at my watch to see if time passed but I do not think it did. I somehow had the feeling that they decided not to do anything with me. They had been evaluating their decision somehow I felt connected to that line of communication. l had a distinct feeling that they were clinically non-emotional but had no intention of malice. It felt as though they had no feeling of connection other than pragmatic distancing of emotion much as I imagine some medical doctors to be distanced from emotional investment. It is more like that is all they knew somehow. Non-emotional but without malice of thought.

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