Saturday, July 10, 2010

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: College Students Witness Huge UFOs Moving Low & Slow in Washington State

My UFO Experience
Reader Submitted Report

     My name is Xxxxx X from Xxxxxxx, Washington. I am 18 years old attending a 4 year university. I only found this link by searching into Google massive UFO to do my routine search to see if anyone else has posted something like what I and 3 of my closest friends saw about a year ago in the mid 2009 summer.

I am in a small local band with a 3 friends and last summer we were hanging out after a day of practice. Once it got dark we knew that there was a meteor shower going on as we watched it the night before. So we went across the street and sat on big boulders placed on the top of a hill and watched the sky.

At about 1030pm to maybe 1130pm we cought the first glimpse of our UFOs. The first thing we saw was coming from the south east. Instantly we all knew it was not something easily explained. It was massive and moving way too slow. It was flying about 400 to 600 yards off the ground and moved slow enough that I could have kept up with it in my truck no problem. It was agreed on by us that it had to been at least 100yrds long and 30 wide. It was all black and in the center it appeared to be see-threw because we could see the clear outline of the “ship” but we could also see stars on the other side. We all talked about how if we had even a paintball gun we could have hit it. It was so close to us but yet all we could hear was a buzz similar to the sound you would hear underneath powerlines.

There were 2 other ufos flying along with it. One to the extreme right and one to the left, both about a mile away and with a similar description. Diamond shaped aircraft with very powerfull spot lights witch would occasionally shoot out at the ground. There were also colored lights circling the object. It was the most intence thing that has ever happened to me and my friends and we talk about it still on a weekly basis. If I were to see it while alone I would call myself crazy but we all were there and it was real.

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  1. Anonymous9:25 AM

    you know,the skeptics probably had a blast(no pun intended)with the 4th of july.their reasoning would most likly be PEOPLE ARE SEEING FIREWORKS!!!!


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