Sunday, July 11, 2010

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Australia - Witness Describes Physical Effects of UFO While Observing Flight Characteristics That Defy Physics

My UFO Experience - UFO Spotted at Geelong, Australia
Reader Submitted Report

     I have experienced at first hand , a UFO which was absolutely not of this earth.

Apart from being one of the most common sightings around the world – “orange ball” floating and changing directions instantly , I have the following to offer:

I am from Australia , Geelong area – and the UFO I saw was very close to me , reported in the news papers the next day by numerous public , in which horses and dogs were reported to reacted to it and it made major news headlines some 2 yrs ago.

My contribution to the sighting is that many of the physical senses were experienced – I felt the heat , I could see the light which was orange , it was as big as a large house which moved at speeds and directional change not possible by our known physics , I observed this object exit directly vertical way past the earth’s atmosphere where typically we can spot satellites and a bright flash was observed when it left our solar system .

The best is last , in that I could feel and HEAR the sound this object made prior to leaving , after checking out the Shell Refinery and gas storage facility close to where we live.

My grandfather was a piano tuner , ( a rare trade now) but he did teach me about sound , and tuning forks – which reverberate a specific sound when struck to replicate a chord.

This object , omitted a very pronounced “pitch” or changing chords -which changed as it changed direction. It was between D and E level and much higher when leaving the atmosphere.

My conclusion , is that what I saw had very physical attributes to it. It’s function to levitate required oscillation of some description to produce a resonating pitch sound , it requires an enormous amount of energy which produces heat , ( and therefore the orange glow) and as a clue , steel is non magnetic above a certain temperature , as well as alloys and other metals , and the perfect anti gravity engine is based around a high speed oscillation of intensely strong magnetic field which is equal but opposite to the earth’s ( or sun – or any other object) – gravitational force.

They are real alright , and the physics to justify what we see id real also. The Sighting in Russia this weekend concerns me though , and if we are not alone – then what are we?

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