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Roswell and The Reich The Nazi Connection: A Review By Stanton T Friedman

Roswell and The Reich The Nazi Connection By Joseph P. Farrell
Nazi Roswell? Perceptions

By Stanton T Friedman

Stanton Friedman     Considering how many explanations have been put forth to explain what crashed near Roswell, New Mexico, in July 1947, it should not be surprising that yet another has been put forth. The new one is not just a casual suggestion. Joseph P. Farrell has written a 520 page book Roswell and the Third Reich: The Nazi Connection. It was published in Mid March 2010 by Adventures Unlimited Press. He had already published six other books since 2004, mostly dealing with "Nazi Technology." His Wikipedia article says Farrell is an Adjunct Professor of Patristic Theology and Apologetics at the unaccredited California Graduate School of Theology in La Habra, California. Patristics deals with the lives of the early church fathers. This sounds like an unusual combination. I was surprised to see no reference to Dr. Barry Downing’s excellent book Flying Saucers and the Bible

The book has some indications of scholarship. There are a lot of footnotes. He quotes at length books by myself, Don Schmitt, Kevin Randle, Bill Moore and Charles Berlitz, and many others. As a matter of fact I think he has far exceeded the amount of copyright material that can be quoted without getting approval from the authors. I am disturbed that there is no index. There is a bibliography, which unfortunately is missing several items that should have been cited since they contradict some of the claims Farrell has made.

Farrell tries to make the case that what crashed was not of alien origin, but represented Nazi technology developed secretly (but not used) during World War II by the third Reich and successfully hidden from the world after the allied victory. Certainly a number of conspiracy theories are brought into the discussion.

He discusses the MJ-12 documents and also numerous claims related to Reichian technology. I especially resented the fact that he claims a half dozen times that I worked on numerous black projects, also that I am nuclear engineer…even saying “credentialed nuclear engineer”. As it happens he gives no basis for either of these false claims. I would have liked to have known what the basis is for both. I never ever worked on a Black Project and never took any course in engineering. My BSc and MSc degrees are both in Physics from the University of Chicago, which does not have an engineering school. Yes, I had a Q clearance for 14 years and the information that was generated in the many programs on which I worked was generally classified. However, a Black budget program is one whose very existence is classified. For example, I worked at the General Electric Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion Program. The title was on the gate. And the title was NOT classified. Lockheed’s development of the Stealth fighter, in contrast, was indeed a Black Project on which about 10 Billion dollars was spent over 10 years without any public mention at all of the program or its objectives. GEANP employed only 3500 people in 1958 of which 1100 were engineers and scientists and only spent $100,000,000 that year.

The thought is that the reason for the cover-up and frequent government lies about Roswell was that the government just couldn’t admit there was a flourishing post war Nazi Reich, headquartered in Argentina, and so skilled that they could with impunity fly advanced technological devices over the USA.

Throughout Farrell notes that what crashed was quite small and did not have the kind of living and other facilities that would be necessary for a vehicle able to fly so far (“vast” distances from another star) and if it had really been of ET origin it would not have crashed. Others have made this same point such as Colonel Philip Corso. Quite obviously it leaves out the simple notion that the small craft often seen within and leaving Earth’s atmosphere would have been brought here by huge “mother” ships. As I have often stressed, we use the same approach with regard to the US Navy. Huge nuclear powered aircraft carriers are home for many dozen small high performance aircraft, which need refueling after only a few hours of flight. The carriers can operate for 18 years without refueling. There are, of course, many observations of huge mother-ships in the atmosphere.

Farrell makes a big deal, as have others, about the fact that the early reports about the crash never mentioned bodies. He tries to focus separately on the bodies and the debris. He also promotes the strange notion that in 1947 and subsequently the US Government tried to push an “aliens- from-space explanation” for the Roswell event to cover up the terribly frightening notion that it was really Nazi technology. I have read a great many 1947 newspaper articles. There was essentially no suggestion that the flying saucers were from outer space. There was no mention of bodies because apparently they were not discovered and discussed in a public way until later. One reason was that they were separate from the main debris field on the Brazel Ranch.

It is of considerable interest that the Eisenhower Briefing Document only mentions two crashes: Roswell and one at Del Rio Texas near the Mexican border. The Roswell debris as discovered by Mac Brazel and observed by Major Jesse Marcel included a bunch of small pieces almost certainly from a mid-air explosion since there was no crater and the pieces were strewn over a very large area. According to the EBD the December 6, 1950, Del Rio, Texas, crash resulted in almost complete incineration. Perhaps it is not surprising that in this PRELIMINARY BRIEFING no mention is made of the almost intact craft recovered in the Plains of San Agustin at the same time as Roswell, nor the almost intact craft recovered at Aztec, New Mexico, in March, 1948. Scott and Suzanne Ramsey who have done an enormous amount of expensive and time consuming research describe this event in detail in a new almost completed book.

Farrell jumps right into the MJ-12 controversy in a rather biased fashion. For example he quotes at length from Kevin Randle’s book Case MJ-12. Randle had said that the smoking gun proving the Eisenhower Briefing Document was a fraud was Hillenkoetter being listed as Admiral Hillenkoetter when in fact he was only a rear admiral. This was supposedly a serious violation of protocol. I had long ago destroyed this false claim. First of all, all the military members of MJ-12 are listed with generic ranks: General if Army or Air Force, Admiral if Navy. Secondly it was standard military practice to use generic ranks in lists.

I copied several memos at the Eisenhower library from Brigadier General Andrew Goodpaster, Ike’s staff secretary. These were written after meetings at the White House. First he lists attendees, always using generic ranks for the military including “General Goodpaster” for himself. Then he describes the discussions and signs the memos “Brigadier General Goodpaster”. I checked independently with 2 archivists to see if they were bothered by the use of Generic ranks. Each indicated it was standard practice. Contrary to Randle’s claim that it was a serious violation of military protocol, it was standard practice. This is, of course, discussed in the 2005 Edition of my book TOP SECRET/MAJIC that is referenced many times by Farrell.

Farrell also repeats Randle’s claim that the EBD is a hoax because it isn’t listed in an unclassified list of executive orders. Of course it wasn’t stamped or noted as an “Executive Order” until years later. I was disappointed that Farrell makes no mention of my review of Randle’s book on my website which details the many serious flaws in his analysis

Farrell tries to make a big deal of the fact that General Robert M. Montague (actually Brigadier General) is listed as a member of the MJ-12 group. Montague had indeed been commanding officer of Fort Bliss, Texas, which was where many of the former Nazis brought over by Operation Paperclip were based while working at nearby White Sands. Farrell does not mention that in July 1947, Montague had been named Head of the Armed Forces Special Weapons Center at Sandia Base next to Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque. Montague’s son (also General Robert Montague) had told me that his father and General Twining had been West Point classmates. He also said that his father would have been part of such a group because he had manpower from Ft. Bliss to protect the crash site, clean up the mess, etc. He also supplied me with a picture of his father, which was used in the book and later expressed a positive view of the book.

There are many other questionable claims in Roswell and the Reich and many details left out that would alter one’s perception of the case Farrell makes. For example, there is an implication that I would have been aware of Donald Menzel’s UFO involvement because of his UFO sightings and that might account for my including him on a fake list in a fraudulent document. In actuality I had read Menzel’s anti UFO books years before MJ-12 came on the scene. I had also had a run in with him at Harvard by phone. I had been totally shocked, as had almost the entire UFO community by my very surprising discoveries of his very extensive and previously unknown highly classified activities for intelligence agencies such as the NSA for many decades.

Farrell makes the false claim that I never mentioned a meeting between Don Berliner and myself with Duke Gildenberg and the late C.B. Moore, both Roswell deniers. I have mentioned that meeting and the false claim that Don and I weren’t courteous to Moore and Gildenberg in a monthly column and in a paper Government UFO Lies that is available on the Black Vault UFO Encyclopedia. I also mentioned the meeting in a column in early 2007.

Overall, I must conclude that Farrell has done a lot of research on Nazi flight technology, but fails in his attempts to explain Roswell as something other than ET. As with many expositors about Nazi technology, he doesn’t seem to understand that one can find loads of drawings, diagrams, sketches of exotic vehicles, even though they have never been built or tested. Nick Redfern was wrong about handicapped Japanese being in a Horton Brothers flying wing sent up to obtain radiation shielding data for use in a nuclear powered aircraft. Farrell is wrong about Nazi technology explaining Roswell and the government cover-up.

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  1. This is a terrible review and is exactly what one would expect from someone acting as a gate keeper for the UFO community. The blind spots you and others like you have created has caused far too many to remain unable to think straight about this and related issues.

    You approach this as a true believer writing a poor apologetic tome. You offer no reasoning why Farrell is wrong or does not "prove" his case. Instead, you simply assume the case you promote, which has never been sufficiently proven and is full of contradictory accounts, is true. Interestingly, Farrell mentions this and the fact that when speaking with people such as yourself about this topic, you simply refuse to engage your brain. Everything becomes emotional pandering and apologetics.

    One must be conclude that you are either controlled opposition or have far too much financial and emotional investment in this subject to be convinced by any facts that destroy your paradigm.


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