Friday, June 04, 2010

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: WWII Vet Says UFO Sightings Were Frequent While Flying Missions Over Alaska

UFOs Seen Over Alask During WW II
Reader Submitted Report

     I am a 67 year old man and have been a Social Worker and Teacher for the blind and vision impaired for 44 years. I had no notions of believing in UFO's. I have been wanting to share this for many years.

Maybe 25 years ago I was teaching a retired Army-Aircorp Captain. He had gone blind from a diabetic condition. Before each Braille lesson I would read an article out of the newspaper for him. I was amused by the article that day on a UFO sighting, and chuckled after I read it. I joke and said I know he did not believe in "flying saucers". He shared with me that after WWII, he flew nightly missions over what was called the "Dew Line" (Between Alaska & Russia).

He was the squadron leader and any sightings of aircraft were reported, in the morning. He explained that " on a nightly basis" one or more UFO's would appear in view of the entire squadron. The craft maneuvers were such that no aircraft known could make 90 degree angles and create the speeds these crafts demonstrated. He said they would come" head on close" at times and cut away. All reports were completed the next morning, but there were so many, they stopped submitting the reports, due to flight fatigue. Radar also documented these events, according to the Captain.

After studding this subject for many years, there is no doubt other forms of life, not only exists, but are co-creators with us.

Thank You for your good work.
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