Thursday, April 22, 2010

My UFO Experience: Witness Recounts Dark, Silent, Jelly Bean Shaped Object Over Austin, Texas

My UFO Experience
Reader Submitted Report

     This is an old sighting I had when I lived in Austin in 1986. Moreover, its so incredible that if you were telling me I may not want to believe it either, but it has made such an impression in my belief system that I want to share some of it. Actually it is 2 odd sightings with one being a huge solid vessel several people saw in the bright almost cloudless after sky. I saw it from arrival to departure and only now after after seeing tons of vids on the net can I saw my sighting was truly awe inspiring.

This thing instantly, and I mean INSTANTLY appeared in front of me as I was looking out west from N. Austin. It stayed completely motionless just like it was a big rock sitting on a ledge. It was positioned above a tree (only the craft was several hundred feet away and higher up just at the lowest cloud level. I used the tree as a benchmark to see if this thing was swaying with the wind and it did not move at all. No noise either and Ive seen blimps at this height and you can still hear the engine motor. No wings, not props, no jets, no windows, no lights, no nothing that was recognizable. Well it did remind me of a submarine, about the same color too, dark grey-blue-charcoal shiny and reflecting the orange sun off its western edge.

I took no pics or vids and I never spoke to the other people in the parking lot around me about this. I'm just now getting financially able to stop working and attempt some type of investigation on this.

There was a military airbase in S. Austin, Berstrom AFB (now the Austin Int. Airport) I called the AFB back at the time but they said nothing of theirs was in the air at that time.

I must restate how significant this sighting was. No doubt there was a huge dark object, like a flattened-out jellybean. When it left, well it went just like you have heard so many times now. It just was gone in the blink of an eye, only I know I didn't blink and back then I totally could not accept this type of "flight". Only recently, in the last few years have I heard of other sightings describing this kind of flight. I only knew of star trek and star wars SFX and it was not like that at all, way less dramatic.

I did not report it as I told my most trusting co-worker the next day and he thought I was seeing things. I never told anyone until 2 years ago I told my parents, and they only believed me when my wife admitted she saw it too. Well thats it. Hope you found this interesting and please don't steer any kooks my way. I went to a MUFON meeting and I know this subject brings out the wackos. Sad but true. Thanks for your website I'll have a look over it now.

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