Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hawking’s ‘Universe’ All Sizzle, No Steak

Into The Universe with Stephen Hawking Aliens
By Billy Cox
De Void

Billy Cox     Hey, thanks for “Into the Universe With Stephen Hawking” last night. The guy’s mind is still on fire and clearly he can still create a buzz. The selective excerpts from the “Aliens” installment made headlines from London to Dehli and were a real marketing coup. Especially with Hawking’s dramatic warnings to hold off on contacting ET due to his fears of provoking the Cortez/Pizarro types (us, in other words). Great promo.

But how many times have we been here before, guys, romping about in the idle meadows of academic speculation? And you do Hawking no favors by making him look naive. You book a man who’s arguably the world’s pre-eminent cosmologist and you let him say things like this?

“In my opinion, if aliens are here, I suspect the newspapers would be full of the story. And if governments are involved in the coverup, they are doing a much better job of it than they seem to do at anything else.”

Please. De Void doesn’t know if the aliens are here or not, but there isn’t enough time or space to itemize the media’s obstinate lack of curiosity — in The Age of Terror, to boot — over repeated insults to American air space by bogeys without transponders. (De Void’s been pulling these godawful chores for three years now.)

As for covering things up, the Pentagon’s classified budget of $56 billion for 2010 is an all-time high. That’s three times the size of NASA’s budget. We used to call it taxation without representation, but now it’s just another porky jobs program that shuts everybody up with security oaths and fake patriotism.

Look, if you ever take another pass at Hawking, get him to address the here and now. Get him to review the testimony of pilots and aviation authorities who shared their UFO eyewitness in Washington, D.C., in 2007. Get him to review the radar data from the Stephenville UFO incident in 2008. The guy’s a scientist. Create something truly novel and make him do his job.

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  1. While it may be possible that there are hostiles out there, it stands to reason that any civilization advanced enough to traverse space/time/anyplace else would have to have reconciled any aggressive tendencies long ago.
    Promotion indeed...and avoiding any other possibilities as if they contained cyanide.
    Nevertheless, thanks for the post Frank.


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