Friday, March 05, 2010

Tonight's Joiner Report: Primary Eyewitness Known As 'Oregon Bob' Will Go Public and Detail The Paranormal Activity Going On There

The Joiner Report
The Joiners DON’T Know What They Saw, Part 3, with guest “Oregon Bob”

By Angelia Joiner
The Joiner Report

     The Joiner Report version of We DON’T Know What We Saw will continue on Friday, March 5., when Angelia and Frank Warren of UFO Chronicles will interview “Oregon Bob.” If you missed the first reports on Feb. 19 and 26 when Angelia interviewed Jamie McDowell and then with Frank Warren of UFO Chronicles interviewed Jack W. Peters about their encounter at an Oregon location, then be sure and listen to the archives.

During this Friday’s show, “Oregon Bob” will tell how he first stumbled onto this paranormal area and why he’s kept quiet for so many years. At this time Bob’s full name will be revealed. This exclusive event will be co-hosted with Frank Warren.

Jamie described mysterious balls of light, a vibration along her spine, and some sort of energy hitting her camera making it inoperable, which also knocked her and the camera operator to the ground. Jamie talked very candidly about her experience, which led her to counseling and profoundly impacted her life.

During the last show on Feb. 26, Angelia and Randell Joiner described seeing in the fall of 2008 what appeared to be a craft on the ground near the same location as Jack and Jamie’s experiences. A red light suddenly appeared at the edge of the road in the dense vegetation, which moved to the right in a straight horizontal line and quickly disappeared. Jack had also described the balls of light and his impression of how Jamie intuitively knew where the lights would appear. He is planning to make a documentary of the events, all of which began with a phone call from “Oregon Bob” to relate some unusual activity in the Pacific Northwest.

Be certain to tune in for this segment of The Joiner Report on Friday, March 5, 9-10 p.m. CST on the UFO Paranormal Radio Network or join us in the virtual chat room at

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