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The Stan Romanek Saga

Stan Romanek Messages
By David Andrew
The UFO Chronicles

David Andrew      I have been researching the UFO and abduction phenomena for well over twenty years now. I have seen so many cases and hot topics come and go that it can be hard to keep track of them all. A more recent observation that I have made is that it seems in some research circles, UFO and abduction research have evolved into “flavor of the month” clubs. I think the Stan Romanek story fits squarely into this flavor of the month category. The most recent thing I have heard about Stan Romanek is that he was threatened “on air” when he was recently a guest on a well-known radio program. Someone called in to the show and, disguising his or her voice with a computerized voice program and proceeded to tell Stan to, “keep his mouth shut”. This latest chapter in the Romanek fiasco has me shaking my head. In the case of many self-professed researchers, sadly it seems as if even the slightest hint of common sense is not in their repertoire of investigation techniques.

Later, the host of that particular radio program, in a short of blog posting/ commentary on this particular incident indicated that he and others who have investigated Stan’s case have received phone calls where this computerized voice was present. These early calls seemed to be in support of Stan but this latest call was a threat. The host of the show also pointed out that it is possible Stan could have had a hand in this but in his opinion he doesn’t think so.

My first question here is, “Why would someone who was truly trying to intimidate or, threaten Stan do so on a radio program with lots of witnesses?” The simple answer is they wouldn’t! The fact that calls from this computerized voice were received first in support of Stan and now against Stan seems too convenient. You know the saying, “If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck” etc. This latest occurrence reeks of being a staged PR gag and yet, no red flags for anyone?

I think it’s prudent and relevant to this article to mention here that I am a life-long abductee/contactee and that there are two others in my family who have also had encounter experiences throughout their lives. I have been fortunate enough to meet and become friends with many others who I think are the “real deal” as far as them being genuine abductees. For every one of these people, I have met ten others claiming to be abductees when they are not. That’s one of the biggest stumbling blocks to real abduction research; these “want to be” abductees that are being taken at face value by researchers. Many of us used to speak out about our experiences until to our shock and horror we started hearing stories from “famous” abductees that were a compilation of bits and pieces of our own stories. People were borrowing parts of our stories and rolling it all together as if it were their own and unwitting researchers were touting these people as the next big abduction story. In some cases we were able to prove this to be true. The end result was that we all chose to stop speaking publicly about our experiences. Abduction researchers are on the verge of losing a great resource by their naivety and inability to discern when someone is pulling the wool over their eyes.

Quietly we have discussed Stan Romanek and his supposed contact amongst ourselves and all of us have come to the same conclusion, Stan is a fraud. We feel that Stan is one of these, “borrowers” of other people’s accounts. Myself and others who have encountered the short grey type ET’s have seen Stan’s, “Alien in the window video” (the genuine one, not one of the fakes on YouTube) and, across the board we all agree, that’s not what they look like! This supposed ET head in Stan’s video is like so many other vague representations I have seen other non-abductees put out. It’s the same generalized form that people have thrown together based on real experiencers descriptions; big head, big black eyes, etc. And just like Stan, none of these other non-abductees get it right either.

I recently exchanged emails with a friend and fellow abductee to try to console them. This person was very upset and, very fed up with the state of Ufology and abduction research. This person told me that UFO and abduction research started off long ago as a search for answers and the truth. Both topics eventually became their own cottage industries and then they became platforms for big business. Just look at Hollywood; ET sells! On those comments I would have to agree with this person. Truth seems to have taken a backseat to the next big story and to people keeping their positions in the limelight. There are still those of us who talk to each other behind the scenes to share our stories and comfort each other as best we can and to compare notes so to speak to try to find our own answers. There are also some researchers that we genuinely respect and we often wished we could share our stories with them but we have learned the hard way that keeping quiet is preferable.

I will finish my comments here with a few points that I know will most likely generate tons of hate mail but, I am compelled to take a stand and share a few things that I hope people genuinely interested in the truth about abductions will take to heart:

Firstly, despite what people believe they know about the abduction phenomenon, a minimum of 75% of the information gathered over the last fifty years about abductions is utter nonsense. Secondly, abductees are aware of some of the benefits of having non-experiencer researchers looking into the abduction phenomenon. Unfortunately most researchers have used questionable methods to gain their information and they have actually helped spread misinformation about this phenomenon whether they want to admit it or not. To those researchers I would like to say, “Thanks but no thanks”. I don’t want your brand of help and neither do most of the other genuine abductees I know because all you have done is to help spread fallacies about this topic. To put it bluntly, these types of researchers have only helped to make genuine abductees a laughing stock.


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  2. I don't think most of these people are lying like Stan clearly is. But I am of the opinion that roughly 90% of people who think they are abductees really are not. But I think this has more to do with a willingness to believe and confabulation under hypnosis than it does outright dishonesty. When I read abduction accounts these days they seem to be getting more and more like the contactee claims of the 50s. With the really convincing cases like Allagash, Betty and Barney Hill, Kelly Cahill, etc., the entities don't appear to say all that much nor do they appear especially sentimental. But with each passing year these accounts seem to be describing beings that are increasingly talky and compassionate. I don't know who it is that you consider to be the good researchers and the bad ones but I personally like the work of Budd Hopkins and David Jacobs. But I think a lot of these other guys are mucking up the place with hundreds of false reports. Look at all the MILAB cases. I haven't seen anything yet that convinces me that even one of those is true.

  3. So I'm just curious, Mr. Andrews, have you and all of your contactee friends seen ALL of the small grey ET "type" beings? How can you for certain say that the Romanek ET isn't real, simply because YOU haven't seen such a being?

  4. Thank you David.
    David is correct. Stan is a fraud. Anyone that posts to the contrary is either:
    (1) Stan
    (2) Hired by Stan to post a comment.
    (3) Not a contactee.
    (4) Missed their last dosage.
    And while this is my first and probably last post I will add...
    To the Xenophile:
    Enough of this "Disclosure" nonsense, plz. Contact IS disclosure. Not to mention, you really don't understand how short-sighted your need for validation is. Your argument that people have a right to know because it's the truth is only an expression of your ego. It can not be demanded and it's probably not for everyone. ---P90xSM

  5. I agree almost all abductees these days are frauds. There are only a handful of abductee cases that I believe may be the real deal. Betty and Barney Hill, Travis Walton, and Hickson and the other guy where they were fishing on a dock abducted case from the early 70's are some of the more famous ones that I think may be legit. The rest of them especially today are mostly frauds I would say.

  6. Interesting, Frank, that you allow an anonymous poster (blueteam09)when it suits your agenda...

  7. Victoria,

    You wrote:

    Interesting, Frank, that you allow an anonymous poster (blueteam09)when it suits your agenda...

    First, I have no agenda other then to "collect, collate, evaluate, and disseminate all information concerning UFOs and related phenomenon."

    I restricted "anonymous" posting in the thread precipitated by the colloquy between Carrion & Nelson, I wrote there:

    " . . . one of the components in the Romanek debate, with Carrion et al, are claims espoused by the Romanek camp via people who can't be identified; henceforth to avoid that problem here, in the colloquy between James, Rick, Don and others as the editor of TUC, I'm not allowing 'anonymous' posts."

    If, and when I deem it necessary, in this thread-I will employ the same rule.


  8. Yes, it is apparent that you only allow anonymous posts when it puts forth your position. Y'all are transparent. Xenophile...don't you love that word!

  9. Which radio program was this?

    Also, and being honest, I think most people read the accounts of abductees and form the opinion to themselves, "Okay this certain experience may have happened but this one here is definitely fantasy."

    What I'm trying to get at is that human beings are so wrapped up in their own egos that they falsely think the phenomenon centers around them. Same with abduction researchers, and more importantly the abduction researchers who claim to also be abductees (no names! LOL)

    The answer is quite simple: If you are an abductee, then you are nothing more than a glorified sperm/egg donor, period. You are not special. You are not chosen, despit what you claim the aliens told you. No abductee knows anything about where they come from, what they are, or what their goal is. The visitors don't tell abductees anything of this sort, and when abductees claim they do then it's easily dismissed as being fantasy.

    I hate to toot my own horn, but I have written a blog titled:

    The Life Cybernetic: Why The Aliens Must Be Cyborgs.

    The reason why I posted this is because if abductees are to be believed, then they are describing cybernetic organisms, or cyborgs. And this is so despite whether or not abductees want to believe it or not! -That's the beauty of it.

    I've received a few messages from self-proffessed abductess who tell me I'm wrong and that as abductees they know more about the phenomenon than I could. I completely disagree and note that when abductees state such they are once again operating out of their egos, inflating their own self-importance.

    My logic and reasoning is sound and increases our knowledge of the phenomenon. If abductees are to be believed the aliens are cyborgs, period. Saying "I disagree" is simply not enough. One must argue against the logic and reasoning I use.

    So take a look at my blog and feel free to comment. The only two things I ask are:

    1.) Merely stating you disagree is not enough. You must counter my logic/reasoning.

    2) It's not appropriate to invoke a mystery in order to explain a mystery.

    Looking forward to your comments...


  10. I think Stan has had his fifteen minutes of fame now and more.I feel he is doing this himself lets not bring him into this fine site again.After awhile it gets tiresome.NO JOKE

  11. I sent the article I wrote on Stan Romanek to Frank Warren knowing it would generate a lot of controversy and some negative comments if he chose to post it. I did not however expect the large number of positive comments I received through email and private IM’s. Most of the negative comments I have received have been in the form of personal attacks and, pretty much what I expected from the “other side” of Stan’s case.

    After the article was posted, the main things people have questioned about me are my own personal experiences and the research I have done. With those two points in mind I would like to offer the following:

    I had my first encounter experience at age four and, I am one of three persons in my family who have had experiences since early childhood. As of this writing I am 48 years old so that’s forty-four years of being an abductee/contactee.

    I have aggressively researched the UFO and abduction topics for over twenty years. I served as Arizona State Director with the International Community for Alien Research. I was later promoted to Southwest Regional Director and served a “dual Directorship” as Arizona Director and Southwest regional director for several years. During my time with ICAR (not to be confused with David Jacobs ICAR) I co-investigated several abduction cases. At the time of my appointment as Arizona State Director, I helped organize and catalog a backlog of over five hundred sighting and abduction reports for the organization. Through the ICAR organization, I have personally met and talked at length with dozens of genuine abductees. Many of these people have become very dear friends with whom I communicate often.

    As part of my research into the abduction and contact phenomena I have extensively researched brain function, brain physiology, memory, how memory is stored and recalled in the brain, and other aspects of brain-memory function. I have conferred with several PhD’s in psychology on subjects such as Psychotic Disorders, Psychological Disorders, Schizophrenia, Tachypsychia, Hypnagogic and Hypnopompic Hallucinations, Sleep Paralysis, and Hypnosis. One might wonder why I would look into these mental health related topics as part of my research. I firmly believe that anyone trying to do objective research on the abduction topic must look at and consider all possibilities. Skeptics of the abduction phenomenon have often referred to some of these topics as possible causes for people’s abduction stories. Arming myself with knowledge on these topics has been a great help in my own research and in responding to skeptics when necessary.

    In response to a book about abductees and abductions written by Susan Clancy, I conducted a questionnaire/survey of ten abductees. The results of this survey clearly showed the biased and flawed methodology used by Susan Clancy in her research. The survey I conducted and the results of that survey can be found here:

    To my surprise, as a result of my research into hypnosis and after reading several in depth university studies done on hypnosis and memory, I became a staunch opponent against the use of hypnosis for the purpose of memory recall. I have never been hypnotically regressed and I would never consider being regressed.

    What I discovered as a result of my own experiences, my conversations with other experiencers and my research is that anywhere from 75% to 90% of currently held “truth” about abductions and contact is utter nonsense. I have become quite disappointed and disillusioned by “accepted” information on these topics and the flawed methodologies employed my most abduction researchers. These things led me to eventually resign my positions with ICAR to pursue personal research and start a long term writing project.

  12. I would like to thank you for your article/posting on Romanek. I saw him speak last year at a symposium in Kansas City, Mo. I have read his book and seen the video. He reminds me of Ed Walters and the great Gulf Breeze hoax. He does nothing but hurt the real abductees.

    Diretor - MIG
    St Sec Dir MUFON

  13. my god, where do i turn...who can i talk to. I am alone. I am so confused on who to speak to about my experiences. There is so much arguing on the subject. Is there a support group that abductees can go to just to have the comfort of knowing your not alone. Please help. I just need answers on what is happening to me and my children.

  14. You didn't raise any points that disputed Stan's amazing case...

    Did you even bother to check out the book? Not even going to mention the equations, videos, pictures? Who cares about his window video. Maybe it was more black ops tricks.

    This article is just hot air and ego.

  15. One word: FAKE
    Two words: Set Up.
    Three words: See my debunk:
    Lastly,are we to believe this alien entered earth's skies completely undetected by any worldwide government defense satellite/radar
    Defenders scream, "You Betcha!"
    And that very same alien then parks the UFO somewhere, I don't know maybe behind the mall, someplace out of sight & like it's entry, the craft also goes undetected.
    Defenders once again VERY LOUDLY say, "You Betcha!"
    It then waddles about the neighborhood & like the ship itself moves about without any one seeing it.
    O.K. So it travels 900 gatrillion miles avoiding sophisticated government detection, landing in Stan's neighborhood again undetected, it hops about at night totally unseen, not even by dogs, hides it's UFO 'somewhere," & yet this same alien, one which you would have to agree is of greater intelligence is not smart enough to avoid being recorded by a consumer camcorder,
    peeping in Stan's window.
    Defenders cry, "You Betcha!"
    I BETCHA Stan's faking it....

  16. Rather than making accusations about other contactees/ abductees and writing ego serving articles about how they're all wrong and should be discredited however you're genuine and should be believed, why not all pull together and try to work out what this phenomena is all about.
    Otherwise it just goes in circles of ego inflation, character assassination and personal attacks which do nothing to help anyone who has experienced this kind of phenomena.

  17. Rather than making accusations about other contactees/ abductees and writing ego serving articles about how they're all wrong and should be discredited however you're genuine and should be believed, why not all pull together and try to work out what this phenomena is all about.
    Otherwise it just goes in circles of ego inflation, character assassination and personal attacks which do nothing to help anyone who has experienced this kind of phenomena or indeed help push forward the subject of UFOlogy.

  18. Despite all these angry comments, I appreciate the opinions expressed here by David Andrew.

    I had the same reaction to Stan Romanek, and the more I learn the more I agree that Romanek is basically selling the UFO equivalent of street theater. I would also like to point out that Romanek's assertions (circa 2002 per the book) about the planet Xenia and the star map and the twin moons and so on and so forth are almost identical to an incident recounted in the 2001 movie "K-Pax" starring Kevin Spacey.

    But putting all that aside (and I know that's a lot to put aside and people are all angry and whipped up here), what concerns me is that there is ample evidence that this dissension within the UFO community that results in abductees 'shutting up' is purposely created by U.S. government intelligence agencies. (See the recent book "Mirage Men" by Mark Pilkington for a rare look at just how involved the government gets in stirring us all up and how long they've been doing it.)

    The standard interpretation is that this is done to keep the reality of abductions and UFOs secret, but the truth is it's done for lost of reasons, not all of them transparent, and the net result--silence and intimidation and infighting--practically insures nothing new will be learned. Experiencers who are dumb enough to reach out become even more isolated and it happens pretty fast.

    So I appreciate greatly that SOMEONE just came out and said that. Thank you.

  19. Its kind of like watching Schindler's List and being appalled and disgusted at the reality of it all. I am drawn into my greatest fear. And I believe those of us who are true abductees feel the same way. It is a horrific feeling - being powerless - pursued - with no hiding place. I try to forget the occurrences; the feeling of being watched and waited for. I know when "they" are coming and I know my children are not safe. I ignore it - try to block it from my mind. There is NOTHING romantic, exciting or uplifting about being an abductee. I don't care how you sugar coat it. I have never been regressed or hypnotized. I feel that I have been assaulted and invaded; and no amount of hot showering will wash away the disgust nor loss of empowerment. I have been violated - physically and more importantly - spiritually. How dare they? And how dare the hoaxers to make this all into a freakshow? The reality of it would certainly be most sobering. I am drawn to read everything I can get my hands on - trying to find a kindred spirit that found a way to end it. To stop the psychically invasive acts. Hoaxes only waste my time.

  20. All I can say is that if Romanek is a hoaxer he is expending a tremendous amount of time and money doing so. His effort would include making dolls or expensive video simulations of grays, coercing friends and other professionals like Sprinkle, making marks on his lawn, laboriously writing out those equations, getting his face beat up, and so forth. It seems like an awful lot of trouble just to sell a few books and do a few speaking engagements a year.


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