Friday, November 20, 2009

'New' Aerial Activity Over Stephenville, Texas Sets Off Personal Alerts!

Jest Scrambled
By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles

     One of the consequences of the major UFO event that took place over Stephenville, Texas in January of last year was the creation of a “personal early warning system.” Now before you start to envision some radar-activated contrivance, sounding area alarms and alerting the media, relax—as it’s nothing so sophisticated; however, it is effective!

Many of the direct witnesses, and or other people involved in what has became known as The Stephenville Incident banded together to form an “early warning group.” That is to say, in the event that another “like occurrence” took place in the skies in or around Erath County, no one wanted to get caught with their pants down.

The idea was/is that if an unidentified craft, or for that matter anything unusual takes place, people on the list would receive & send text alerts to ensure as many eyes on the sky as possible. This alert was employed Tuesday night when military jets were scrambled!

Ironically, yours truly was corresponding with Sherry Boardman (The Joiner Report) a resident of Stephenville, when she received an alert and rushed outside; she reported:
“We've been outside after own area alert system kicked in when about 12 jets were scrambled in the area. Two of them and a copter just went back over my house toward the Mineral Wells base. Exciting!”
It’s important to note that after the UFO events over Stephenville last year, there was major military aerial activity after the fact!! Accordingly, when the residents of the area see this kind of activity, it gets everyone’s hackles up.

Interestingly, we (The UFO Chronicles) did receive a UFO report in the area for yesterday the 18th, which will be published posthaste.

In the mean time, direct eyewitness to The Stephenville Incident (last year) and local resident/businessman, Steve Allen reported the following:
"Not sure what was going on. We went outside as soon as our chain alert and watched. I spotted some jets WAY off from where I was but this is what others reported.

6:37pm from Xxxx: Two full squadrons of F16s in the air headed SW from Carswell.

7:09pm from Xxxx: Really heavy air traffic at Carswell.

7:13pm from Xxxx: Hearing the afterburners of jets scrambling. 4 jets at a time
leaving, maybe 12 in the air.

7:17pm from Xxxxx: Four jets are now in Comanche and are dropping flares.

7:44pm from Xxxxx: Four of the jets are headed back to Carswell.

7:48pm from Xxxx: The sky is full of traffic low and hot.

7:50pm from Xxxx: A chopper is now up in the air.

7:52pm from Xxxx: Two more F16s in the air.

7:54pm from Xxxx: Two choppers coming in from the SW moving to the NW.

7:55pm from Xxxx: The chopper is flying without lights.

8:30pm from Xxxxx: Two jets are headed back to base. One of them shot out at least 12 flares at the same time. I have never seen that many released before.

Will update you if I hear anything else."

Updates to follow as the story develops . . ..

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