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Multiple UFOs Sighted East of Dallas

My UFO Experience
Reader Submitted Report

     Time was for 2 hours between 6:30pm CST to 8:45pm. Place is Tira, TX 75482...that's 16 miles north of Sulphur Springs. This area is about half-way between Dallas and Texarcana in Hopkins County. Our house is on FM1536 which is off HWY19 and about 2 miles from Cooper Damn. Sky is real clear with hardly any humidity, no clouds, cold, with no wind.

I like to go outside and watch/search the skies after dark to see what everything looks like. Having done this so often, I become familiar with overhead airline flight patterns, random small planes, occasional helicopters, their shapes, colors, sounds, and usual flight patterns and motions...and their height in the sky. I also see many meteors and unexplained sights than most just because I go out sometimes more than once a night, if weather permits. Now, the story I'm going to tell you is true and I will try to give specific details. I have no good binoculars, telescope, or digital camera, so I cannot document my story except for the fact that tonight my 19 year old son witnessed most of this with me.

Ok...right before dark I'd been outside to load the bird-feeder and admire the cosmos flowers still blooming and to just get some quiet to myself and do some thinking and even some worship signing. As darkness settled, the coyotes were really loud and sounded so close, I came inside. After a few minutes, in fact, I still had my coat on, I felt a prompt to go outside again and expected to see something unusual. That's how it works frequently for me. I'll be doing something and just feel like I should go out and watch. Since moving here in May of 2008, I've witnessed more UFO activity right outside my house than all the other places over the years elsewhere put together. My notebook has frequent references to that fact. I'm a very studious and observant person by nature. I love science and I am an artist, so I "see" how things look and notice information some don't. I am 60 years of age and am not drinking alcohol, doing drugs or prescriptions or smoking weed, ok? This UFO subject is so important I want you to know it's for real and I do not want to get attention by joking around and making things up.

Ok. As I walked around the house, facing the north sky, straight ahead, low in horizon, I noticed a large round brightly glowing light moving in a lilting way from east heading west, but what got my attention was fact the light was extremely yellow-orange! It was moving along aout as fast as the small planes but in a slightly dipping motion...reminded me of a child holding a toy plane with outstretched arms while pretending to 'fly' it in the air....not moving level height horizontally...more like how a boat dips down then seems to slide forward then dips up in an arc motion pattern, if that makes sense. I tapped on the house window to get my son's attention and called him outside to look. By then, I was headed for the road in front of the house so I could eye-track the object as it headed west and watch where it went or what it would do...there's large tree groups out here inevry direction, so we don't have full view of the hemisphere before it gets blocked by trees. My son and I walked the road to monitor the light.

There's no way to know for sure how far away it was, of course, but to the naked eye, it appeared to be at least 2x's the size Venus is lately and 10x's the size of the regular planes flying low also. Planes, planes, many flashing light planes... all low and equal distance from each other one behind another. As we were wondering why so many planes so low...the big airliners and jets that cross in more southern hemisphere are way up high overhead and flash the familiar lights, wasn't that amzing thing happened that almost took my breath...

My son saw it, too...we're looking north watching plane lights flash and wondering why a train of them..the orange orb light is still lilting westerly when suddenly, as if the sky had given birth, another brilliant yellow orange light just bursts into sight suddenly...didn't fly there from any direction! One second absolutely nothing but dark sky and in less than a second of time...flash!...just as quick and definite as a person flicking their bic cig lighter in the dark...

My son was astonished along with me....we decide to grab the lawn chair and walk on across the road and sit in the pasture to watch for more without occasional headlights from cars traveling 1536 in front of our house... this is amazing, but as we watched, one after the other brilliant lights...they appeared round to me...just would POP out of the sky...all emerging from the same general area...and glide west as others had done ... after we saw 7 appear like that....each one a about 5 minutes apart...we continued to see the flashing lights and familiar sight of planes flying right after another, in lines...and sometimes the planes were crossing one another's paths in different directions but just slightly above or below each other...we felt they weren't being told by any tower flight directors what altitude, etc to take because there were so many and was continual...then we began to notice planes higher up in altitude flying east to west and west to east .... at one point, gazing ahead, saw a dark red light glow that wasn't moving at all & my first impression was that it reminded me of a tower, but it was much higher and a steady light...not moving for several long minutes and there was a tiny faint white light slightly below and to it's west side, also not moving, and I took it to be a far away star...since I'd been looking at that part of the sky so much, I remarked to my son I hadn't noticed a star there before and what could the red light possibly be? Another very odd thing is that at ground level and behind the clump of trees tha boundary the edge of that pasture, was an extremely large brilliant white light that would blink periodically in a sequence elapse...I mean, it was bigger and brighter than if a truck headlight were aiming at you in the dark..never could figure out where that could be..on ground or in sky low?

It would blink 2 times, then 4...not blink for awhile..then blink and pause like you see in a movie a person with a mirror on top of a mountain catching sun on mirror to send a morse code message.....really...and all the time I've lived here and gotten to know for miles around where farms and houses yard security lights are, etc...and have looked across the road at that same spot of trees, I have never seen a light there before. Anyway...the red light right above we'd been monitoring to see what would happen with it...suddenly just began moving and flasing the red light and was rising gradually in altitude while simultaneously what we'd thought was a star transformed into a brilliant yellow orange light about 20x's bigger than it had appeared split second before...yes, both stationary for at least 10 minutes and both transforming at once, moving in opposite directions. We were blown away...for many minutes, My son kept eye on the flashing red light, which did not appear brilliant or star-like, but a dark red glow as it gained altitude gradually until it was as high up as the airport liners are...and I kept eye on the huge orange brilliant light that remained a solid color with no flashing at all as it followed same line and behavior as the others before it. As they both moved farther away in opposited directions, we lost sight.

Since activity slowed down and we headed to the house to get hot tea, bathroom, and warm up some...My son got on the computer to see if others were reporting sightings....I looked in phone book to find a news station to call and report what we'd seen and ask if others had called in, but nothing in our country books... I got some tea and told son I was gonna sit in front yard and watch some more.

I saw a tiny white light I thought was a star directly in front of me between a group of trees that are across the road from our house. I decided it was just a star as it didn't move ansd the color and size was same as so many stars. I turned my head to search the west and when I turned to face north noticed what I'd thought was a star suddenly seemed to fast forward zoom toward me and was simultaneously changing color from dull white to the dazzling yellow orange as well as grow larger each millisecond....Oh my God, I leapt from my chair and ran to our door to call my son out again...then quickly turned so I wouldn't lose sight of this My son was rushing toward me, we were in awe as the light continued to seem to burst with size and color, rise higher and we ran across the road to continue ability to view it as it rose and veered to head west before our also did that lilt type movement and it was moving and following the same path others had....that made 11 so far and that one was the biggest....we were holding hands as I was shaking and we are both overcome with this experience...what is it, what are could they not be there and then appear as if sky just spit them out of it's dark womb, so to speak?

My son eventually went back inside again but I stayed out. Sat down in my chair and started wondering and praying, asking God what are we seeing?

I saw one more that was size the former 10 had been and again, it glided toward west. I tell you, watching these move, I got the feeling the objects were not straining to forcefully push through the resistant air by power....You know, when you watch a plane or jet, you can't really see with your eyes but within we sense a lot of power is forcing air out of the way so it can move through the air.
These enormous lights moved as if a hand were on a control...remember the
remote controlled cars and planes that used to be popular toy choice for boys?
Remember watching how they move as the child hold the remote?
Like that. Oh, and no sound detected for any of these, whereas we could hear the sounds of the miles away highway and the miles away jet liners above.

I've seen other unidentifiable objects and lights in the sky this year. Another time I'll write and let you know about other experiences. I'm tired of writing for now.

Please post this and feel free to relay my story to others. You can call me to talk if you want.

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