Monday, November 02, 2009

Full Disclosure and UFOs

Obama Disclosure
By Kevin D. Randle
A Different Perspective

Dr Kevin Randle     According to a new report circulating on the Internet, full disclosure about UFOs is at hand. On November 27, 2009, President Barack Obama will tell the world all that the United States knows about UFOs. Many believe that this means he will tell the world that alien spacecraft have been visiting Earth for decades, if not centuries or longer.

Why don’t I believe this?

Because such rumors have been reported before. Many times before. Although such a possible disclosure might have been announced earlier, it seems that one of the first, if not first rumors about disclosure came with the release, in 1951, of The Day the Earth Stood Still (please note here I’m referring to the 1951 classic and not the recent remake). The idea was that the movie was the first step in telling the public about flying saucers. It presented a benevolent space traveler here to warn us about our warlike ways.

Of course there was no disclosure.

Another suggested attempt was the Air Force sponsored scientific study of UFOs at the University of Colorado, also known as the Condon Committee. Some speculated that full disclosure would come at the end of the study. Those poor, misguided people didn’t know that the whole thing was a set up with a goal of getting the Air Force out of the UFO investigation business. At the end, there was no disclosure, just the closure of the Air Force project to investigate them.

There was another supposed event, this one apparently coordinated around the country with UFO researchers told to be available to the local media to answer questions about the alien visitors.

Of course there was no disclosure.

But a history of false rumors (can there be a true rumor?) doesn’t mean this latest attempt will be the same as all those others. According to Dave Wilcox, he heard from Bill Ryan of Project Camelot that this would happen on November 27. But he cautioned that too much advance publicity would kill the announcement.

In other words, the prediction that there will be disclosure has been superceded by another prediction about why it won’t happen. Now, when November 27 passes without a word from the White House or the President, all those who claimed there would be disclosure can tell us that all our talking about it scuttled the announcement. It’s our fault for mentioning any of this in a public place. Nothing like being able to have it both ways.

There will be no announcement on November 27. I don’t know how these rumors get started, but once they do, many jump on the bandwagon. In the end, it just makes everyone look silly because we’re all lumped together with no gradations in what we accept as true and what we know to be false.

When November 27 comes and passes without the announcement, remember, I told you so about a month earlier.

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  1. I agree with you and I think the sources are the same as the supposed UFO UN meeting regarding disclosure. That was proven to be bogus. This is shameful behavior by Michael Salla, Ph.D and his exopolitics crew.
    Many in the UFO community have had their personal experiences of course they want disclosure but these people seems to just want to grab headlines. It get's very hard to carry a balanced outlook on these things. I certainly want to encourage the honest whistle blowers to come forward. I also know sometimes I have a knee jerk reaction to this anouncement.
    I've had big problem with these "UFO Movements" I guess my suspicions were right.


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