Thursday, October 15, 2009

Balloon Boy Found ALIVE!!

Flying Saucer Balloon
By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles

Falcon Heene     The angst felt by all following the missing balloon boy story ended in a positive note--he's ALIVE!!

In a press conference just moments ago authorities revealed that young Falcon Heene was never in the balloon, or any part of it; he was found in the attic of the family's garage, presumably afraid of the trouble he might be in.

Prior to finding the young boy, a photograph was published by the MSM showing an object thought to be falling from the balloon; a box was said to have been attached to the balloon which is what Falcon was reported to have crawled into according to his older brother; for a brief time the worst case scenario was thought to have happened.

Ironically, I believe most seasoned Ufologists realized immediately (as I did) that the the object in said photograph was a "bug!"

So far the family has yet to make a statement.


  1. Richard Henne's amateur YouTube contributions show him to be an enthusiastic UFO believer, giving a sympathetic interview to the infamous Michael Horn, and seeing Hoagland-type evidence on Mars.

    He also mentioned in a meeting with the press that his balloon would operate using the Biefeld–Brown effect, a favorite (and completely unsubstantiated) means of propulsion favored by untrained alternate energy buffs.


  2. One aspect to this case is that it demonstrates how someone can be fooled into thinking something happened that didn't, based on simple logical assumptions. This would have had to have been the case in the Zammora sighting, if you believed it was a hoax.

    Instead of a boy hiding in the attic, the two "students" hid in the dynamite shack. It was all due to reactive, logical reasoning, that he was in the balloon.

    It Still wouldn't explain the controlled propulsion, and guidance system, nor the ability to maintain such a long-term usage of blue flame fuel without an actual, and failrly large tank of butane, or propane to create the illusion of powered flight. Nor could it explain the geographical coverage of the hoax.

    Just a thought.

  3. Bob,

    Ironically, I too was thinking of Socorro while watching the balloon videos yesterday. IMHO it's clear that a car sized balloon would not have enough lift to carry a 6-year-old-boy. Moreover one can only imagine how a balloon would behave, on the ground on a very windy day (as it was on April 24th, 1964).

    But back to Heene: obviously he knew his balloon "couldn't have left the ground with his son in it"; personally, I believe charges should be filed against him for "using his children" in this manner, and also he should have to pay for the cost of the entire fiasco.



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