Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Couple Spots Two UFOs Outside Their Home in Rural Georgia

UFOs Over Chauncey, Georgia
Reader Submitted Report

     My husband and I live in a rural, wooded area in Chauncey,Ga., about an hour from Macon. This was the summer of 2008.We had just finished watching a movie on t.v., and my husband got up to take the c.d. out of the player. The curtains were open, and he said to me, "What in the world is that?" And I said, "What?" and he said "That bright light, is that a plane?" We rushed outside, and flying very low, almost belowthe power lines were two unknown objects. There was absolutely no sound coming from either one. This was over the farmer's field across the road from us. The one in front was a bright white light. I really couldn't make out any shape. The second one was following the first one in a straight line. It had a long vertical rectangular tail and a square horizontal front section with colored lights on the top tail portion and the front.The first one traveled up the road, then banked off to the right behind houses and trees very quickly, with the second
right behind it, and then were gone.

We were so shocked we both just stood there for a while going "Oh my God, we actually just saw 2 U.F.O.s" I checked all the news on the web to see if there had been any reports in the area, but there hadn't. This is a very religious, small town community where everyone knows everyone, so there probably wouldn't be any reports even if anyone had seen anything. But we know what we saw was no plane. I hope to see one again someday.

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