Thursday, August 13, 2009

"UFO Fever Continues to Sweep Mid Wales"

Flying Saucer Over Wales
More UFOs spotted above Powys

By Richard Jones
County Times

     UFO fever continues to sweep Mid Wales as Kerry and Machynlleth become the latest places where strange objects have been seen in the sky.

The sight of glowing orange blobs sent shivers down the spines of a mother and daughter in Kerry, while in Furness, near Machynlleth, a couple spotted white flashes darting across the skyline.

Lisa Jones, of Kerry, was with her mum at approximately 10.15pm on Saturday night when she noticed the strange - and as yet unexplained - sight of orange lights in the sky.

Lisa said: “They were different sizes, all much bigger than a normal star. Most of them were travelling over our heads but some we’re going in a different direction. Some seemed to be going really fast, others were slower and some were not moving at all.

“We watched them for about 20 minutes until they all just disappeared.

“I really have no idea what these lights could be but do not believe they were lanterns, as some people said they were last time they were spotted over Newtown. They were too random in their movement and size.

“I’m not a firm believer in UFOs but I do think something must be out there, we can’t be the only planet with life on it, right?”

Sightings were also reported near Machynlleth on Saturday night, although this time the lights were bright white and darted quickly through the sky, making the shape of a horseshoe.

Ms Lesley Davies, of Furness, near Machynlleth, went outside to care for her dogs at approximately 10.20pm when she saw bright white lights heading from north to south.

She said: “I thought it was a star at first but then, all of a sudden, the prominent light made a horseshoe shape in the sky.

“The light then wobbled off behind a cloud before flashing twice and then shooting out from behind the cloud at a right angle.

“The sighting only lasted about 20 seconds but I definitely saw something. My partner is more sceptical than me about this kind of thing but even he has had to admit we saw something very strange, very spooky.”

UFO sightings have been flooding into the County Times office all summer.

From strange orange lights in the sky to cigar-shaped craft that speed off into the night sky, it seems readers are seeing something strange in the Powys night sky.

From Dolanog to Builth Wells, Bettws to Llansanffraid, readers have been sharing their experiences of things in the sky they just cannot explain.

And they’ve been sharing their pictures too - have a look at some of the images sent in on our website

Philip Hoyle, of the UFO Investigation and Research Unit in Shrewsbury, has enjoyed a busy and exciting summer visiting people who have reported sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects.

In a recent interview with the County Times, Philip Hoyle, of the UFO Investigation and Research Unit in Shrewsbury, revealed: “There seems to be a concentration of orange sphere reports around the Newtown and the Llansanffraid area, many witnesses are reporting seeing orange spheres in particular over hill farms around Newtown.

“Other witnesses are describing not spheres but cigar shaped craft with lights or windows along the side.”

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