Saturday, August 01, 2009

" . . . People Don't Want UFO Information, They Want To Be Entertained By UFO Story Tellers"

Editor's Note: Jan's commentary was preciptated by Bob Salas' OpEd, entitled, The Idiocy of the Disclosure Movement—FW

By Jan Aldrich

Jan Aldrich     In the beginning Salas was one of [Steven] Greer's witnesses. Hastings and others tried to get him to look at Greer 's record and his presentation, but Salas told Hastings that Greer was at least "doing something." Doing something by having speakers at the National Press Club telling reporters that there are 34 different alien races visiting earth.

Of course, at the time if anyone pointed out Greer's record or he and his bunch's silly statements, they were shouted down---oh and Dick Hall had to resign from MUFON for making critical remarks about speakers scheduled for the MUFON conference one of which was Greer. So much for free discussion in UFO land. After all, Greer was doing something! Yeah, he was doing something, he was leading the next assault of the UFO Disinformation Corps whose main policy is to make sure that UFOs appear absolutely silly to any educated and thinking person. Just do a Google search on any aspect of ufology, the return is one good hit to 100 UFO Disinformation Corps hits.

Greer got big investor to pony up big money for his "free energy" company. You get a small amount of investors to put up big buck and as long as the number is under, I think, 27 and the investors have certain asset levels, no SEC disclosure necessary. Lots of close hold companies do that. If they have half a chance than they may go to stock offering on a public exchange in which the original investors can get out with some profits or in the case of a hot offering a big killing. And most that reach this stage fail anyway.

Now if some cases in the close held stage never come out. Many of these are just "life style" companies...the officers of the company live high off the hog for awhile or maybe longer if they can get their investors to pony up again. Unless it is outright fraud, the courts look at these investors as "big boys" and should have known better.

Frankly, I feel it is my duty from time to time to go out and stand up to disinformation Corps. Usually I get shouted down After all everyone knows that the PC based on Roswell debris is alien, they have a gardener who works for the company and was a Navy Seal tellings us so. And then, how about the dentist who from visual inspection of Roswell debris make an alloy that the chemist at Stanford couldn't cut with a diamond saw or how about Mel Noel aka Guy Kirkwood his has a picture of himself in an Air Force flight suit, that means he was in the Air Force right! The Disinformation Corps does not care that he is an admitted hoaxer, they bring him back over and over again in a different venue sometimes with a new name. Or how about Anderson, another Navy Seal, not! Do we have element 115 yet? I need not go on.

There are always people in the UFO movement that will stand-up for the idiot of the day, then as the smoke clears and another UFO hoax is exposed, these same people will stand-up for the next one as if they have learned nothing. One reason I do not get UFO Updates any more. Most people don't want UFO information, they want to be entertained by UFO story tellers.


  1. Thank you I wrote a post last year on this very topic. Salas has just called UFOologist hysteria that they criticized their methods. For me they have no respect for the courageous credible witnesses that have come forward. Exopolitics also does the same thing. While debating this with Steven Basset he claimed all the different groups in the UFO community should be represented "under the same unbreella"
    There was only one Press Conference I loved and that was Lesley Kean and the pilots. I know that many who believe in the spiritual ETs are funding a great of this. Greer emailed me and other about needing a first class ticket donation "first Class"?
    We don't have to discount everyone who claims contact but I think presenting that at a press conference is the height of stupidity. It does the opposite of what the "Press Conference" was held for in the first place...credibility for the UFO subject and true disclousure.
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters

  2. Thank you for saying it. The state of "Ufology" (a word I never use) is somewhat akin to the old snake oil salesmen of their day. Theres a lack of healthy skepticism, something we all really need in trying to understand this topic. One of the reasons I DON'T attend so called UFO symposiums is that you get more chaff than wheat. Ufology has become a religion to many people and they really do want to hear the next revelation, even it looks a lot like a wolf in sheeps clothing. Its a lot easier than critical thinking.


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