Wednesday, August 12, 2009

UFOs Filmed Over Chandigarh, India

By Rajat Seth
Chandigarh, India

     Saw this standing in my balcony on the second floor

It was like a trail of lights lasting about 5-6 mins...

By the time it dawned on me to shoot this it had already been 2-3 mins, then i went into the house got my camera, called my 11 yr old out of his room loaded the batteries in to the camera and came out to the balcony again and it was still going on. Unfortunately managed to get only a few seconds of the phenomenon.

I don’t know what i saw, but it looked like a something moving at the speed of an airplane and dropping these trails of bright round lights which went off in about a few seconds so that there were only 6 or seven round lights at any one moment. It was too long to be an airplane dropping flares or something.


This took place yesterday august 11th 2009, over Chandigarh, india at around 18:30 IST.

The objects seemed to moving in a formation as part of one.

The objects just faded away.

Didn’t see any conventional craft around the vicinity.

There was construction going on right opposite my house, as is probably evident from the audio in the clip, so i could not hear if the object made any noise.

My 11 year old son also saw it.

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  1. Hey I am Davinder Currently working in US as software Developer. I am from chandigarh and also witnessed this UFO event. I was working in a Software company known as A1 technology situated in Sector 34; I was in night shift and I was like amazed to see this circular shaped thing making fire rings, it was very low and can be seen clearly by eyes. It was circling around the same path for about 5-7 minutes but my cell phone camera was too outdated to capture it. Although I managed to show it to couple of my friends working with me in night shift at hat day.


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