Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Seamen On Royal Navy Frigate Made To Sign the Official Secrets Act

Radar Screen
Reader Submitted Report

     im ex royal navy i live in hereford uk, ive witnessed 5 ufo sightings, 2 whilst i was in the navy, i left the navy in 2004 after serving nearly 6 years

1) i was serving on board HMS Xxxxxxxx a type 22 frigate i joined her in nov 1999 for an 8 week deployment around western europe with the NATO fleet codenamed XXXX we were in the North sea sailing back from Bramerhaven in Germany to London so we Sailed up the thames and docked opposite the Millenium Dome now the O2 Arena, whilst we were in international waters about half way between germany and england, i was on watch in the control room during an exercise for a flyex (flying exercise) after the plane had mock bombed us and was on its way back to base, an object about 200 feet wide buzzed our ship it hovered over the funnel for about 10 seconds then shot straight up at tremendous speeds i witnessed it on the ships radar, i had the ships captain stood next to me we had to sign the official secrets act that night i thought that was odd


  1. Thank you for your excellent report, Royal Seaman.

    Did anyone make a visual sighting topside while you were observing the disk as radar scope operator?

    Rob M*

  2. Just so your readers know what a "type 22 frigate" looks like, I'm attaching this link.
    At 200 feet wide, the UFO would have been a little less than half the length of the ship (485 ft.)
    Check it out:


    Rob M*


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