Wednesday, June 10, 2009

UFO Brain Food: Get Your Slice at The Paracast

Paracast Brain Food
By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles
© 6-9-09

     Regular listeners of The Paracast, hosted by Gene Steinberg and David Biedny, know they have gone in different directions in regards to not only the subject matter of show, (under the umbrella of the paranormal), but also by the means of how they tackle the respective topic with the particular guest(s) of the day; there have been “light-hearted” episodes, almost comedic in nature; there have been “critical” episodes, some suggesting that the hosts, (ok maybe just David) have stepped over the line; there has been what might be called a “constabulary” and or a “gotcha” show, where a small time crook was exposed, but what has been consistent, is the thought provoking discourse with some very interesting, intelligent, renown individuals!

This week’s episode does not disappointment! Listeners need to put on their thinking caps, and grab a slice of brain-food. Writer, author, publisher, radio host and Ufologist (if I may), Greg Bishop joins Gene and David for the full two hours.

Quite frankly, radio/podcast shows that stimulate the cerebrum are far and in-between; however, the Paracast hits the mark more often then not, and the caliber of this episode is in that realm.

The dialogue takes the listener beyond pervasive thinking, and offers up alternative or out of the box denouements; perhaps more importantly (and not to sound to cliché) the consensus is to expand your consciousness—agree . . . disagree, but ponder the alternative!

One thing about grabbing a slice of this brand of brain-food is you keep coming back for more . . ..

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