Saturday, May 02, 2009

Trooper Blames Cattle Mutilations on Massive Conspiracy


  1. Quote from article: "Who else is going to spend the money to hire an aircraft to kill a cow?...It's got to be something big"


    Although others have claimed the incisions were made by bees (although I think they meant Yellow-Jacketed Wasps) the endless investigations by others, such as Linda Howe and Ted Oliphant seemed to have been discarded completely.

  2. This idea that the government would intentionally be mutilating cattle and drop them where they did it stretches the imagination beyond any common sense.
    This nonsense is accepted quickly by many investigators when in reality it just couldn't add up.

    Why point to them. That is the case. Most people wouldn't even entertain the notion of ETs. So in reality they are indicting themselves.
    The skeptic on a recent episode of UFO hunters recently stared on out by believing mutilations was the results of predators and ended by believing it was the government. Why? All to escape the obvious conclusion ETs So if this is disinformation by the millenary it is a dismal failure except to a few.

    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters

  3. Linda Howe falls toward the ET side, if I'm not mistaken, and Mr. Oliphant fell,or falls toward the Government Conspiracy side.

    I should have just used this part of the quote: "...It's got to be something big..." because it describes more how I feel about it.

    There have been many witnesses that seem to point more to the high-strangeness category, but again, we are confronted with the witness relevancy issue. Its easy for so-called skeptics to rip apart eyewitness testimony, because these same skeptics weren't there to see "it" for themselves.


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