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Ahhh—Texas Tea . . . More Please!

The Joiner Report
By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles
© 5-23-09

     Living in the San Francisco Bay Area as a young lad, I was very fortunate to have been befriended by some Texas natives; through that association (and now life long friendship), I was introduced to “Texas Tea,” a very sweet, cool, savory beverage that I swear can save your life on a hot, sultry summer day.

Years later I would live in the grand state of Texas, and what was once a “special treat” on occasion, I came to learn was a “staple” amongst the populace—consuming this wondrous beverage, it seems was a stipulation in the Texas State Constitution (not really), which brings us to the theme of this piece: The Joiner Report.

Our regular readers are of course most familiar with Angelia Joiner, the former (mainstream) reporter of the Empire Tribune, located in what was then the sleepy little town of Stephenville, Texas.

The Empire Tribune
Angelia was thrust onto the “UFO scene” by circumstance, in that she “covered” the extraordinary UFO events that took place in Stephenville in January of last year; accordingly she was credited with “breaking” the story to the world!

Although Angelia did not see the craft herself, not unlike direct eyewitnesses of major UFO events, by her own admission she states, "Ufology has turned my life upside down. Never thought I'd be here."

Angelia quickly found herself being bombarded by the larger components of the mainstream media, the networks and cable news channels, in a sense becoming a voice for many of the witnesses, eventually ending up on the Larry King Show.

From there she became the toast of Ufology so to speak, and made the rounds at several of the UFO conferences.

Somewhere in between all of that the Tribune felt her services were no longer needed; the consensus by most was that this was a foolish move on their part, and reflected negatively on management.

Having been smitten with the UFO bug, Angelia has kept her “reporter’s nose” pointing upward, ever mindful of UFO incidents, particularly in or around Stephenville and or the great state of Texas. This diligence would produce additional reports on UFO activity in the a fore mentioned localities.

The events that took place in Stephenville, along with the experiences from reporting the story and becoming enveloped by Ufology has recently culminated in a radio/podcast show fittingly entitled, The Joiner Report.

Miles O'BrienThe premiere episode aired last Friday night (the 15th), and Angelia’s first guest was no other then the long time news anchor for CNN, “Miles O’Brien!”

In a quick Q & A for this piece I asked her why she chose Miles, and she replied:

"I like Miles and received questions and such about his departure from CNN. Many wanted to make a big deal about his leaving had to do with the UFO coverage he did in November. As he said, ‘It was more about greenbacks than greys.’ So I wanted to get word out about his feelings on that.

Also, he's a great guest that is normally not heard from in the UFO realm; so I thought listeners would like that.

Thanks to you for finding all those emails and one that worked!"
[I provided O’Brien’s e-mail address]

Billy CoxLast night’s episode featured mainstream reporter “Billy Cox” who is one of the few on that side of the desk who has the guts to engage in the UFO topic! Although I was unable to listen to last night’s show, I look forward to taking it in when posted in the archives (hopefully today) at Angelia’s site:

Just like “Texas tea,” The Joiner Report is down-home and most refreshing; it tantalizes the intellectual taste buds and should be a staple to your Ufological digest.

Next week’s guest will be documentary film-maker James Fox.

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