Friday, May 01, 2009

Dulce, New Mexico: Bio-Warfare and Project Blue Beam

By Norio Hayakawa

Norio Hayakawa     There seems to have been an allegation that the government, beginning in the mid 1970s and lasting till the early 1980s, may have conducted clandestine operations in and near Dulce, New Mexico involving experiments with bovine diseases, anthrax and other substances as part of biological warfare research.

See the following clip on cattle mutilations that took place in the Dulce area in the late 1970s (History Channel, March 25, 2009):

Was there a cover-up in Dulce, New Mexico?
Were there some illegal dumping or storage of toxic chemicals and other bio-hazardous materials in the nearby areas?

Is it possible that the government intentionally created a convenient cover story (i.e., the underground alien base scenario) to conceal those clandestine activities?

(Incidentally, the Four Corners area of New Mexico as well as the regions east of the Four Corners area have been known to be an area with high frequencies of sightings of strange flying objects as well as claims of paranormal activities, especially after World War II.

This remote region, filled with deep-rooted cultural and spiritual beliefs of the Native Americans such as the Jicarilla Apache Nation of Dulce, may have been an ideal and convenient location to conduct clandestine operations as far as the government was concerned.)

And if this were the case, was it possible for the government to have staged a series of fake UFO-type incidents in the area, utilizing high tech equipment such as holographic projection devices?

Former New Mexico State Patrol officer, Gabe Valdez, who was in charge of the Dulce area during those years, seems to think so. Recently he told me personally that he is convinced that appearances of UFOs were staged by the government through such devices.

I totally concur with Gabe Valdez on this matter.

I bring this up because early in 1994 I had corresponded with a Canadian investigative journalist by the name of Serge Monast who first informed me of NASA's alleged project called BLUE BEAM. (Unfortunately, I learned only two years later that Serge Monast passed away of a massive heart attack at his residence in Canada).

I hereby present my hypothesis that the government may have conducted a limited-scale, prototype BLUE BEAM operations in Dulce during the height of the cattle mutilations years and staged a series of UFO incidents in that area.

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