Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Silvery, 'Arch Shaped' UFO Spotted Over Pataskala, Ohio

UFO (Arch Shaped) Over Pataskala, OH
By Reader Submitted Report

     I live in Pataskala, OH. Yesterday after I picked my son up at school we were driving North to go home. A flash in the sky caught my attention. (It was a bright, sunny cloudless sky). I looked up and there was a silvery arch of metal in the sky with a ball of bright light at one end. It looked kind of shimmery and maybe even partially transparent.

The ball of light was on my right and flashed really bright right before it all blinked out. It was gone almost as soon as I saw it. Totally gone, not a trace of any kind of trail or exhaust or anything. It was there and in a blink of an eye it wasn't! It was like a half circle but not a perfect half and it hung at an angle like the ball of light was tipping it.

My son did not see it but neither of us heard any sound whatsoever. Any way, that is my experience.


  1. I can't really comment about the photo itself, but I live in Central Ohio and the landscape in the picture does not look at all like this area (in fact, it looks more like Nebraska). I would be very curious to know where the picture was actually taken.

  2. Hi Dennis,

    You'll in note in the bottom right hand corner; the accreditation indicates that it is an "illustration" by Moi'.


  3. I live in a suburb on the east side of Columbus, Ohio (near Pataskala). Several years ago, my wife and I saw something almost identical to what the submitter described. The object we saw appeared very much like the illustration (although we did not note a "light ball"). We saw the object hovering north of Interstate 70, east of Interstate 71, near the "curve" to Alum Creek Drive. I'd be very interested to get in contact with the submitter!


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