Friday, March 20, 2009

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Witness Spots UFO On Bus trip To Sacramento

My UFO Experience
Reader Submitted Report

     Just watching something on the History channel. But I wanted to share my story of a sighting that I had. It was about November 2005, I was on a bus headed to Sacramento California. I was just outside of Sacramento on the Interstate 5. When I was sitting on the Left hand side of the GreyHound Bus. Was ready to get off of the 12 hours Ride and recently woke up from a nap when I started to look out of the window to do some star gazing.

As I looked about 10 o'clock from the Bus which was heading north, I noticed there was what I thought at the time to be a Helicopter about 15 miles out. Interested in what was going down, usually a cop chance or something, I locked my eyes upon it. As the buss continued on the highway, I realized that the Object which I thought was a Helicopter had lights at to opposite ends and one in the middle and another and the tip.

Baffled at what I was seeing, I asked the passenger next to me if he could make out what it was that I was looking at. He looks over and says that is isnt an helicopter and the fact that it was moving literally less than 5 miles an hour it couldnt be a place.

So as we were heading North on the 5, it was heading North East across the Left side of the Bus to the right. Now plotting the path we crossed a little way up the freeway and as I looked up I was totally confused. I could differently make our the four lights. three made a triangle shape and the oen in the middle that faded in and out. and I could see the dark outline of a triangle. At that momment I realized that it had to be a UFO, and was surprised but I have always heard of something of this nature, but thought people were just crazy or making this stuff up.

The gentlemen next to me kind of just strugged it off, but It really made me think about what is really going on. The way it moved was like it was riding on cloud as the saying goes. well that is my story, not sure if it helps or whatever, but interested in knowing what else is happening that I dont know about.

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