Tuesday, March 24, 2009

UFO Spotted Over Los Angeles

My UFO Experience
Reader Submitted Report

     I live in Los Angeles CA. Around 9:40pm I was on my balcony looking to the north east where the spot lights of Hollywood caught my eye!

As I watched the lights move across the sky I was drawn to another light.
This one was moving in and around the clouds. At first this was a red light, assuming it was a helicopter (Common here) I watched it dance around the sky.

As I watched I noticed this craft had no strobes a chopper would have. It then moved in ways that chopper can't do! Changing positions and dropping low and out of my sight then popping up and changing colors to a vibrant blue!

After 30 seconds it vanished. I went and got my camera in the hopes I would see it again. It appeared once more and I got a short clip of it but missed the best shots of this object. I also caught a chopper that shows these are not the same aircraft.

I told the story to a buddy and he also saw a blue light high in the sky.Has anyone else reported this kinda sight in LA?

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