Wednesday, February 18, 2009

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Did Craft Cause Ongoing Electro-Magnetic Effects on Home?

UFO Over House
Reader Submitted Report

     This is not my experience, but one of a close friend.

He recently bought a home that he is having an incredible amount of problem with. It seems that there is an untraceable electrical field flowing though the house. He was able to trace some of the source of the electricity to a water line, but no one could explain why the line was conducting the current or where it was coming from.

After a nonconducting break was put into the line, the current weakened, but the house still appears to have a strong magnetic / electrical field associated with it. People walking into the house often get a metallic taste in their mouth while other younger visitors report a high pitched frequency emitting from the home.

The home has a several dust and particle problem that is way to high to be healthy. My friend installed a state of the art filtration system that lowered it some, but for the most part the home still is 4 to 5 times higher than acceptable.

The person who installed the filtration test said he had never seen such high levels in all the years he had done testing, even inside new construction or other areas that generate huge amounts of dust.

The past resident of the home died from emphysema and cancer at the time he sold it to my friend. My friend has exhausted all known means of reducing the amount of dust with no result.

The UFO Connection in this comes from a neighbor, who, not knowing about the problems my friend is having, disclosed that years ago she witnessed a UFO hovering directly above my friend's front yard. As it hovered, it appeared to be a solid saucer, but the metallic exterior seemed to shimmer or roll. After a minute of sitting there the home took off at almost light speed.

The question we are having is if a UFO could have changed the magnetic field in the ground under it when it took off, with the greatest effect being directly under it, and then slowly dissipating as one moves away from the center location. That would explain why the home still had a electromagnetic disturbance, but why the biggest source was conducting itself from the water line through the yard and into the house. The house, by having this electromagnetic disturbance is attracting the high levels of dust and minute particles.

At this point my friend is about to walk away from the home and let the bank foreclose. There seems to be no logical explanation to the proven anomalies he is experiencing with the home.

Is there anyway to test to see if the magnetic field has been altered? Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

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