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"More BS from CSI on Big Sur"

By Robert Hastings

Robert Hastings     Journalist Terry Hansen is the author of the excellent book, The Missing Times: News Media Complicity in the UFO Cover-up, which authoritatively exposes the U.S. government's infiltration of the American elite media over the last several decades—for the purpose of covertly promoting officially-sanctioned propaganda on a variety of subjects, ranging from communism to UFOs.

Regarding CSICOP [now renamed the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, or CSI], Hansen examines the possibility that the organization which publishes Skeptical Inquirer magazine was infiltrated early on by a small but determined group of U.S. government-affiliated operatives, whose true motives have far more to do with disinformation than skepticism.

He writes, “[The Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal] is an organization of people who oppose what they contend is pseudo-science...CSICOP, contrary to its impressive-sounding title, does not sponsor scientific research. On the contrary, its main function has been to oppose scientific research, especially in areas such as psychic phenomena and UFOs, two topics that, coincidentally or not, have been of demonstrated interest to the intelligence community over the decades. Instead, CSICOP devotes nearly all of its resources to influencing the American public via the mass media. As author Jerome Clark, editor of the International UFO Reporter, once pointed out, ‘CSICOP’s ability to influence media is legendary. It’s Manual for Local, Regional and National Groups devotes 17 pages to ‘Handling the Media’ and ‘Public Relations’ and, tellingly, a mere three to ‘Scientific Investigations’…’ ”

Hansen continues, “CSICOP can accurately be described as a propaganda organization because it does not take anything approaching an objective position regarding UFOs. The organization’s stance is militantly anti-UFO research and it works hard to see that the news media broadcast its views whenever possible. When the subject of UFOs surfaces, either in the news media or any other public forum, CSICOP members turn out rapidly to add their own spin to whatever is being said. Through its “Council for Media Integrity” CSICOP maintains close ties with the editorial staffs of such influential science publications as Scientific American, Nature, and New Scientist. Consequently, it’s not too hard to understand why balanced UFO articles seldom appear in those [magazines].”

Hansen also notes, “...CSICOP [now CSI] members typically publish their thoughts on UFOs and other 'paranormal' phenomena via Prometheus Books, a closely related publishing house that also offers a surprising number of volumes on such topics as child-adult sexuality, prostitution, sadomasochism, and pornography. It would be interesting to know which titles sell better; those devoted to debunking UFOs and paranormal research, or those about sex. Perhaps it's worth pointing out at this point that cross-subsidizing unprofitable activities with profitable ones has been a hallmark of many covert intelligence operations.”

The long-time and still-current Executive Editor of Skeptical Inquirer, Kendrick Frazier, worked for more than two decades as a PR Specialist at Sandia National Laboratories—although one will have to look high and low to find references to that employment in his magazine and even in his self-published online biography. Sandia Labs is one of the U.S. government's most important nuclear weapons labs.

Those of you familiar with my research know that a UFO-Nukes Connection has been confirmed by hundreds of declassified USAF, FBI and CIA documents, as well as by the courageous testimony of nearly 100 USAF veterans who were involved in still-classified incidents. According to these documents and sources, UFO activity at America’s nuclear weapons sites has been ongoing since 1948. Most dramatically, reports of Minuteman missile malfunctions, occurring just as a UFO was in their vicinity, are now offered by several former Air Force missile launch and targeting officers stationed at various U.S. Air Force bases during the Cold War era. One of my launch control sources even refers to the temporary activation of his missiles by a UFO. My interviews with these persons appear in my book, UFOs and Nukes.

So, who is routinely trying to debunk the reality of UFOs and the notion of a UFO cover-up in CSI’s Skeptical Inquirer magazine? Why, a PR guy working for the U.S. government's nuclear weapons program! (Although he is strangely shy about publicly acknowledging where he picked up his paycheck for over 20 years, during the same period he was feverishly debunking UFOs, supposedly because of his “skepticism” about them!)

One of the nuclear weapons-related UFO cases CSI has attempted to debunk is the Big Sur Incident, which involved the filming of a UFO shooting down a dummy nuclear warhead in flight, on September 15, 1964—according to two former U.S. Air Force officers, Dr. Bob Jacobs and Dr. Florenze Mansmann. Frazier's rag tried to debunk the case in 1993, by publishing a demonstrably bogus article by Kingston A. George. Now, in the wake of my well-documented investigation of that case, which I posted at my website in 2008, Skeptical Inquirer's latest issue once again attempts to erase the Big Sur UFO Incident from public consciousness, with another article by George, in which he uses the same sleight-of-hand tricks, distortions, and outright falsehoods he trotted out earlier. In other words, it’s the same BS, newly-packaged.

I am currently preparing a rebuttal and will post it on this forum and elsewhere. The title will be: "Kingston George's Latest Comments in Skeptical Inquirer on the Big Sur UFO: Deep Denial or Disinformation?"

The actual facts about Big Sur may be found on the ARTICLES page at my website,

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