Wednesday, December 31, 2008

UFO Experience Changes Woman’s Life

Flying Saucer & Aliens On Rural Road
By Arlene Jongbloets
100 Mile House Free Press

Miriam Delicado     Miriam Delicado has been on an incredible 20-year journey that began on the outskirts of 100 Mile house one October night in 1988.

The current Vancouv-erite, who was 22 at the time, lived in northern BC and she and four others were on their way to the Lower Mainland when the incredible is said to have happened.

Driving south along Hwy. 97, just past Prince George, Delicado said a pair of huge, luminescent lights drew up and followed within 10 feet of their back bumper.

“It was night time and we thought it was a truck but the lights would follow us when we were alone and then disappear when a car or a house came into view,” said Delicado. “After the lights had been following us for hours, we came to 100 Mile House and I thought we’d be able to lose whatever it was.”

They nervously sped through town and, within minutes of leaving 100 Mile, the lights were back on their tail, appearing and disappearing within the blink of an eye, she said.

“I started panicking and told my friend to pull over. She said no, because she was scared, but I told her that it wasn’t her they wanted, it was me. As soon as we stopped she turned into a zombie. Her head flopped back and she just had a blank stare and the back seat people were in animated suspension,” said Delicado.

What happened next brought Delicado to the realization that her inner fears had been well-founded.

“The two spheres were a foot behind us and the car was engulfed in bright light. I turned to the front of the car and saw a craft sitting on the road. It was luminescent and it was hard to see the details but it looked like there was steam coming off of it,” she said.

Short beings, close to four feet tall, with big round, black eyes and large, childlike heads approached her.

“They had a small mouth and tiny nose and wore a one-piece suit and I heard instructions in my head to get out of the car. I was scared but not terrified, more in a state of confusion, but they kept saying not to be afraid. We will not harm you,” said Delicado.

The beings took her hand and they all walked a short way along the highway and up an embankment. Delicado said that when she looked up, she saw a larger craft with an open doorway.

“There were two tall beings, seven feet tall, in the doorway. They had blond hair of the purest white, large, water blue eyes and they wore long robes,” she said.

Delicado boarded the craft, which she recalled to have had a metallic interior with a sterile feel.

“In the centre was a circular work area with stools and overhead was a hovering white light ball of what I think was energy. It seemed to be a control centre where information streamed from the ball to the beings,” she said.

Her communication with the beings seemed to occur through telepathy.

“They sat me down on some kind of light chair recliner and, in front of me, a screen appeared which showed pictures of possible futures of the Earth. I saw an earthquake aftermath and they explained what it was and seemed to have the ability to place the experience within me. They gave me the physical ability to experience the trauma,” she said.

Delicado said she spent about three hours on the craft, watching what appeared to be a movie of some sort, before returning to the car. Everyone woke up when she got back and there was conversation about the lights, but no recognition of what she claims to have seen.

She drew the group’s attention to what she said were a group of glowing eyes on the side of the road. Everyone else thought they were deer, but Delicado believed they were aliens, watching.

They continued on their journey to the Lower Mainland without conversation about what Delicado believes to have happened but, the next day, new memories that had been embedded in her mind started to spill out.

Experiences of war, meteors hitting the earth and other disasters played over and over in her head.

“They started to filter clearly into my mind. All of these possibilities of a future we are heading for if we don’t change the path humanity is on,” said Delicado.

The experience

instilled in her how important it is to have a respect for the earth and made her believe humans are not alone in the universe.

“We have a responsibility to ourselves and to all of life,” she said.

Delicado believes the beings she claims to have seen are the caretakers of the earth.

“They are not allowed to interfere with what we are doing here on earth, but they give people like me information and we have the free will to do what we want with the information.”

She kept it all her own secret for 15 years but, during that time, Delicado claims to have had many telepathic communications with the beings.

There were also unusual encounters, she said, with men who looked and dressed the same and all claimed to work in the computer industry.

“They all talked about the same thing. About computer technology and about aliens and they all said they installed super-computers for the government,” said Delicado, noting that she’s met others at various UFO conventions who have had the same experience.

Delicado said she was telepathically instructed on when to start publicly sharing her experience and knowledge and for the past five years has been filling requests to speak at conventions and other gatherings. She said that since going public, she’s received emails from people all over the world claiming to have had the same types of experiences.

She believes she was chosen because her soul had already chosen a conducive path, long ago.

“My family has a psychic strain,” she said, explaining that her father had psychic abilities.

“He didn’t talk about aliens, but he talked about how the earth would change one day and how we needed survival skills and know how to defend ourselves,” said Delicado.

She described her message from the aliens as not being a dark one, but one of hope and encouragement.

“These beings have been out there since the beginning of time and my understanding is that they take care of other planets out there. They are also in the dream world and some walk around us. I’ve seen them in public and they don’t look like us, but others don’t see what I’m seeing,” said Delicado, recalling encounters on city buses and other public places.

She said that everyday for her involves just trying to fit in because she finds it difficult to view the world in the same way she once did. She’s worked in the food services industry and as a nanny and house cleaner but most recently, Delicado turned author, writing a book about her experiences she called “Blue Star: Fulfilling Prophecy”.

“The right people are finding their way to the book and that’s the goal,” she said. “I want to share this story with others who have had a similar experience so they know they are on the right path and there are others out there like themselves.”

According to Delicado, her experience came shortly after she watched a television special called UFO Coverup? Live! It was a two-hour prime-time syndicated television special that was broadcast in North America and elsewhere on Oct. 14, 1988.

A couple of high-level U.S. government intelligence officials, disguised as “The Falcon” and “Condor” were interviewed in shadow and with masked voices. They disclosed information about the U.S. government’s involvement in UFOS and alien interaction, UFO crashes and occupant retrievals. The show also included the first public mention of Area 51, a highly secret military airfield in Nevada used for testing experimental aircraft and weaponry and a central component to UFO folklore.

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