Sunday, December 28, 2008

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Triangular Shaped UFO Puts on Light Show Over I-5

Triangular UFO Sighted Over I-5
Reader Submitted Report
California, United States

At around 2 a.m. on Friday, October 3rd I spotted a UFO while driving on Interstate 5 in Central California. The GPS located that we were between Panoche, and Mendota. I was sitting in the passenger side of the car, while our car headed north on the interstate.

There were only 2 passengers in the car including myself. From afar, we both noticed some kind of craft that appeared to be a helicopter or crop duster. At first the craft would pulse light similar to an airplane, then the whole thing would light up, followed by the appearance of three distinct separate lights. This light pattern: pulsing light, to sustained bright light, to three linear lights, continued for about a minute, each individual stage lasting a few seconds.

The craft made incredibly low figure eights over the interstate; its’ distance above the ground roughly tripled the height of an overhanging freeway exit sign. At that point I still could not make out the body of the craft, as all I could see were incredibly bright lights.

The craft kept making figure eights over the interstate, flying over both north and south lanes, making low and sharp turns over the fields that surrounded the road. As it continued to figure 8, it no longer followed the light patterns, but was simply three linear lights. I thought "Wow, what a cool plane. This is something," up until the point when I looked to my left as the craft made its turn back towards the interstate and the three individual lights began to interchange and rotate, changing its linear form into no form; disconnected and spontaneous. Each of the three lights seemed to act independently. As I witnessed this, I knew it was not a crop duster, or helicopter, or normal airplane.

This time when the craft came back across the interstate and into the surrounding fields it sank so low to the ground that I thought it had disappeared. I thought it was gone, but out of no where it rose up to my left directly above the car, this time it's three lights made the shape of a giant triangle which we were able to clearly view through our front windshield. While the giant triangle flew over us, the three lights that composed it’s shape shifted back into three linear lights, transforming the craft and changing it’s direction from straight up, to straight out towards the east as if the pattern of the lights controlled and shifted it’s movement.

Shocked, I rolled the window down to see if I heard any noise, but we were driving around 70 mph and there were so many cars and trucks on the road that we could not hear anything. As we continued driving forward, I turned around in my seat to watch it fly away. It appeared to look like a normal plane now (pulsing and flying steady) with an exception of the occasional bright light that would be sustained for a few seconds.

Overall, what shocked me about this craft was the way it flew so low and turned with such ease. It did not appear to be flying, but almost floating. In addition, the interchanging, shape-shifting lights that initially appeared as three lights in a linear pattern did not calm my suspicion that this craft was not a normal airplane or helicopter. By the maneuvers that I witnessed, it would have to be one ridiculously talented and daring pilot to be able to pull off such stunning acrobatics in the air.


  1. I saw the same thing

  2. 05/08/16 Traveling southbound I5 around 1am somewhere south of Patterson and saw what at first we thought was a small plane, a crop duster we thought. It crossed the interstate low, really low, in front of us and disappeared behind the trees to the right of us. As we passed the spot we saw light and could see movement, then we saw a diamond shaped pattern of white lights flying toward us from our rear right, coming from the direction of the spot we passed. It approached and the flew parallel to the highway, maybe 100 to 150 feet off the ground. It was traveling at a speed we guessed to be around a hundred miles an hour. The lights were so bright it was difficult to make out the shape of the craft. It made absolutely no noise. After it passed us it banked and crossed the highway in front of us, and turned completely on it's side, I could barely make out the color, it was a pale grey. It rose straight up while on it's side and then flattened back out, or leveled off. It flew back toward the east and to the north, we lost sight of it as it went, as it was now flying in the opposite direction that we were traveling. It's the weirdest thing I've ever seen..

  3. I saw close 50 feet above my car on I5 near colinga 3 bright light silver round object , lot of other driver see it to. UFO. or ... On July 29 ar 1AM 😁 it so close I saw the 30% of object silver body and round sharp


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