Thursday, December 11, 2008

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Huge Black Triangle Sighted On Return To Army Base

V-Shaped UFO Outside of Nashville
Reader Submitted Report

[Date: July 5th 2006 Local:I-65 Outside of Nashville]

     I was taking my cousin Xxxxx back to Fort Campbell,KY to the army base,at about 7:30 PM.There was still ample sun light,so we saw the entire structure.

We were about 35 miles outside of Nashville when off to the east we saw one of those black triangles that you hear so much about.I would say it was about 500 or 600 hundred feet off the ground,and maybe 400 feet off the road to our left.It still had some day light left,so there were no discernable lights on the craft ,that we could see. It appeared to be several hundred feet long.The object looked like graphite in color,and seemed to be built in stages,(meaning not having a continuous smooth surface,but overlapping panels,like say,large fish scales).It made no sound,and didn't seem to draw the attention of many others on the road way.I probably would not have noticed it if hadn't looking to change lanes.When I saw it I pulled all the way to the right shoulder, stopped, and got out the car.It was moving very slowing so we were able to get a good look.After traveling off for some distance it made an abrupt up angle and sped away and out of sight, faster than anything that I have ever seen.

I waited so long to tell this to any one because we have no evidence.I now carry my video camera with me on all road trips.My cousin inquired with the base's radar people,but none of them admitted to seeing any thing.At first he assumed that the object was not observed,or if it was wasn't documented because it was traveling parallel to,and several miles out side of the base,and wasn't determined to be a threat.But,several days later he was told not to be discussing this issue with any body.Strange.

At any rate that's as much detail as I can remember.I don't belive that it was and experimental air craft.It looked very alien,and seemed to defy the laws of physics.

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  1. i live in oak grove kentucky and i too seen that same object on the fox news when it was in nashville dude thats crazy u cant find nothing about it on tv or the net now


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