Saturday, November 22, 2008

UFO Filmed Over Sacramento By News Chopper!

UFO Over Sacramento

By Frank Warren
© 11-22-08

     SACRAMENTO, CA - Seasoned Ufologists might call the repetitive and increased global UFO activity a “flap”; the less informed might attribute what people are seeing coast to coast (in this country) to nothing more then the “Leonid Meteor shower,” which occurs this time of year. No doubt, some of the sightings can be ascribed to that wondrous event; however, there are certainly some that defy a meteor definition, and or any other apparent “conventional explanation.”

Case in point: last night while shooting film for the “Friday Night Football segment” (high school football), local news chopper, “Air 10,” of the ABC affiliate, “News 10” (KXTV Channel 10) were surprised to discover that they were sharing their airspace with a “strange set of lights.”

The news station was quick to report the sighting by pilot, Ed Georges” and correspondent Angel Cardenas and the fact that they filmed it, (as well as calls from the general public) as seen above—but so far that’s where it ends!

Oddly, there hasn’t been any follow-up, or any more details released (so far) . . . a curious thing all by itself. News choppers are a common fixture in the skies above Sacramento, and when filming in “tight areas” and particularly with other aircraft in the vicinity, the pilot is in constant contact with the closest air-traffic controller, as well as other pilots that occupy the same airspace. Surely attempts were made to find out what the craft was and or whom it belonged to; obviously, this could be a dangerous situation.

Assuming that’s the case, why hasn’t News 10 disclosed any more information? If they had the information wouldn’t they report it and “solve the mystery?” If they are investigating the matter, as should be the case, then why not report on the progress or lack thereof?

Stay tuned as this story develops . . .

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