Wednesday, November 05, 2008

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Man Encounters 'Red Disc' Two Days in a Row

My UFO Experience
Reader Submitted Reort


     I have 2 sightings within 24 hours. Both were the same object. First sighting. My son and I were using my spotting scope looking at a heron making a nest in a tree about 4,000 feet away at an altitude of 500 ft on a small hill. we were sitting on a sleeping bag on my front lawn. Time was about 8:45 PM. My son was 8 years old. We saw a dull red light behind the hill. The light seem to flow out towards the area we were in. The light traveled for about 1,000 yard but the light at the end of the beam stopped. It was a perfect triangle. The end of the beam was in a line as sharp as the sides. My son ran to the house. I sat there wondering what was going on. Then the beam started moving in jerks. Behind the hill a dull red disk rose up. The beam turned of and the disk moved off fast.

Second sighting

I worked for the caterpillar tractor co. I worked swing shift. at approx 12:45 PM I walked out the door of the machine shop. I walked to the guard shack where my truck was parked. the guard was standing out side looking up in the sky. there was a giant dull red object in the sky. I could not tell how far away it was but it looked like not more than 500 ft. the guard said what the hell is that. I ask how long its been there. He told me a couple of min. I got in my truck to drive home and looked up again and it was gone. The next day in the statesman newspaper I read the story about the orange disks, 3 policemen said they followed 2 of them down the Willamette river and both were diving in and out of the water. The news soon died away but some of the men where I worked talked about this for several years. the first sighting was the strangest. I would have to draw a picture to really explain how the light was moving.

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