Thursday, November 06, 2008

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Hampshire, England Resident Seeks Other Witnesses To Strange Light Phenomenon Emanating From Aerial Object

UFO Over Hampshire England
Reader Submitted Report

     i live in Hampshire, England and about 2 weeks ago, i saw something while having a cigarette of my window. I was watching stars and cars on the road past my garden, it was a really clear night too, and this blue square appeared in the sky for about a second, the colour of lightning. Then, blue light emanated from it in all directions and sucked back in on itself and disappeared.

Im only writing this because it really confounded me and i didnt really know where to ask about it so i thought id say it here. Im not writing this to tell people what i saw, im writing it to ask people what i saw.

Could you post this up or something and if anyone has any ideas, message me back on this address or send me a link to the comments? Thank you from Xxxx Xxxxxx. Also, i am completely sure it wasnt lightning, it just appeared from nowhere and hung in the sky

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