Friday, October 17, 2008

Triangular Shaped UFO Spotted in The UK
Witness Fears Alien Aduction

Triangular Shaped UFO Over Brinkhill, Louth
PICTURES: Triangle UFO witness fears alien abduction

By Gemma Gadd
Louth Leader

     Thursday 11am - A UFO witness from Brinkhill, Louth says he is worried about being abducted by aliens after repeatedly seeing triangle-shaped aircraft near his home.

Eric Goring, 61, came into the Leader office this week to recount his bizarre experiences after reading our articles on the Louth 'orange lights' UFOs published last month.

He said: "I have been watching these space ships for six weeks now, and saw eight together on September 25 and more again last night. It was really spooky and I can say for sure that any explanation these are just Chinese lanterns is ridiculous."

Recounting his latest sighting, he said: "I was outside on my scooter at around 5am and watched them until about 6am. One came from the front and then others came in from different directions.

"They seemed to be lighting the clouds up as they went along and their lights were bright white. There was no noise and they moved slowly, hovering and then shooting off at speed."

Tringular UFO as Drawn By Eric GoringMr Goring described the objects as triangular in shape and lined with lights. He drew these diagrams to illustrate what he saw, explaining: "I estimate they were around 50 feet across in size and sometimes they shone a large searchlight from the bottom."

He added: "I am seeing these ships so regularly now and I think they are here to study the planet."

Eric revealed he had a close encounter with one of the objects last month: "I saw one come from the direction of the fields and over a tree. I almost walked right under it as it was just hovering in the air about 200 feet above me.

"It wasn't shining its search line down but I didn't want to go too near it as I was worried about radiation." He added: "And I am worried they might beam me up."

Describing the objects as appearing like balls of white light when viewed at a distance in the sky, Eric said: "They sometimes look red too and give off a bright flash – like a camera flash."

When asked where he thought the UFOs came from, Mr Goring was adamant they were not terrestrial aircraft: "They were definitely from space and of alien origin. There were no vapour trails and I could see the edges of the crafts and they were triangular."

Mr Goring said the only other time he had seen a UFO was in 1999 from Alford Road in Brinkhill: "It was a silver ball that appeared to glitter gold; and it moved silently at a speed of around 75mph. But it was nothing in comparison to what I have been seeing recently."

Eric now regularly scans the skies in the early hours of the morning to keep a watch out for the 'space craft': "I am worried about them and feel I have got to go out and keep looking for them now. Somebody has to keep a look out and report these things as we don't know what they are here for.

"They were the greatest thing I had ever seen, and if you ever saw them, you would never forget them."

Mr Goring concluded by saying he wasn't sure why aliens would choose to visit the Louth area: "I have seen them shining their searchlight down over the local fields so maybe they are fascinated with them in some way." He added: "Brinkhill is a red hot spot for these ships at the moment."

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