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Brookhaven Scientist Confirms UFO Crash Site

UFO Crash Site
By Philip Mantle

Note: Since the date of publication of this press release it has been ascertained that information contained herein is not factual--it is the product of a hoax--for further information go here.

     In June 2007 US researcher Ed Gehrman and UK author Philip Mantle travelled to a remote location in the Nogal Canyon area near Socorro, New Mexico. For decades arguments had raged regarding the alleged crash of a UFO in the New Mexico desert.

Gehrman and Mantle were to visit a site well into the canyon that they believed may prove significant into the research of the alleged UFO crash. The site they visited is littered with rocks only burnt on one side and trees burnt at the top, but this was only the beginning. At the end of a dry river bed the rock face and surrounding loose rock was literally covered with a bluish material. This was not part of the rock, instead it was ‘splattered’ all over the rock face and surround loose rocks. The area was extensively photographed and filmed by Gehrman and Mantle and samples of the rock with the bluish material were retained for analysis. This bluish material was later identified as cristobalite.


In 2008 samples of these rocks were sent to Dr R.Ronald Rau, a physicist with the Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York. Dr Rau is a respected scientist in the physics field whose current research includes theoretical particle physics; numerical simulations of quantum field theory and computational physics. In two technical reports Dr Rau concluded that the cause of the effects found at the site in Nogal Canyon were the result of a UFO. He explained his findings in simple terms: “

1. In ref. to report CNM-080108RAU the reports basically is saying that there are small traces of radioactivity. The radioactivity traces was a measurable amount 238 U [which is the most common isotope of uranium found in nature] but is very surprising that it would be on these samples. The other micro-trace picked up was 214Pb [lead] and 214Bi [bismuth] which has very short half-lives but to my account this can be viewed as neglible. What is interesting is 238 U on the rock samples. This can be caused by a condition called Locard's Exchange Principle. This also can be explained in my second report [CNM-080109RAU] as the same phenomena.

2. Basically here is what Locard's Exchange does - "Every Contact Leaves a Trace". So when you have a huge high impact and high temperature yield you can a transfer of materials from the source to destination at the point of impact. For example from so-called ship to the surrounding area in that impact area can be very well the cause.

I would conclude that something very fast high temperature yield cause the surrounding area to exhibit the Locard's Exchange transformation.

Would I tag it a "UFO"......Probably because the unknown source is unknown!”


So far Dr Rau’s technical lab reports have been shown only to a handful of people several of whom have past comment: US computer scientist Dr Ronnie Milione had this to say : After reviewing Dr. Rau report on the rock samples submitted from Socorro, New Mexico I'm strongly convinced that some object of high velocity, temperature and unusual extraterrestrial properties and radiation was exposed to the surrounding crash site and still to this day after more than 60 years left a unique signature of an "unknown object" that still mystifies the UFO researchers of today and proof that the US government still hides the truth!”

In the UK the former Ministry of Defence UFO expert Nick Pope stated: "This looks to be a potentially very interesting and significant development, though further clarification needs to be sought on the question of whether a meteor impact could have caused the effect documented. More generally, widespread media and public acceptance of UFO-related claims is unlikely to be forthcoming unless such claims are underpinned by proper scientific analysis. By engaging with Dr Rau, Gehrman and Mantle are doing what few in this controversial field of research have had the courage and foresight to do, namely taking the subject out of the fringe and putting it where it belongs - in the laboratory".


The full lab reports and investigation of this site will be released by UK author Philip Mantle at an International UFO Conference sponsored by UFO DATA magazine in West Yorkshire, England, over the weekend of October 25th and 26th.

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