Tuesday, October 21, 2008

London Sky Turns Pink

London Turns Pink
By Sarah Brealey
The Telegraph
10-21-08The eerie pink glow appeared above Mayfair at 8.30pm on Monday night and lasted for about an hour. Bystanders craned their necks to watch it as it hovered over the streets before gradually breaking up and disappearing.

Barry Gromett, from the Met Office, said: "It was probably ground-based light reflecting off a low cloud. It could be a searchlight or something used for a PR event. If you look at some of the pictures you can see two distinct blobs, like low cloud breaking up - it is not one complete circular piece."

He said he would "never say never" but thought it unlikely to be a UFO. The Met Office itself used to reflect searchlights, although not pink ones, off clouds as a way of measuring their height. The technology was phased out 10 to 15 years ago in favour of lasers and computer modelling.

Earlier this week the Ministry of Defence released previously secret files with details of UFO sightings. In August 1989 there were numerous reports of "two to three lights, green, red and orange oscillating" and moving "left and right and around each other". They were soon found to be lasers illuminating a Tina Turner concert at Wembley.


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