Wednesday, September 24, 2008

UFOs in the Skies Over St Lawrence

UFO Over St Lawrence
By The Jersey Evening Post

     SOMETHING is stirring in the sleepy parish of St Lawrence. There are reports that mysterious red lights were crossing the sky at the weekend.

Clive Feltham-Fletcher was watching the Ryder Cup coverage on TV late on Saturday evening when something outside the window caught his eye. He wants to know if other people saw it and whether they can explain what it was.

‘We live right below the flight path, so we are used to seeing planes,’ he said. ‘But when I saw this red light follow the same path I knew that the Airport was closed and instantly thought to myself “What on earth is this?” It was a very vivid bright red light, moving across the sky.’

Mr Feltham-Fletcher quickly ran outside and called his wife, Jane, to look out of the bedroom window from upstairs. ‘I had never seen anything like it,’ said Mrs Feltham-Fletcher. ‘When Clive called me, I went out on to the balcony and stood there watching this red light. It was so bright and big and then it just disappeared. It couldn’t have been a satellite because it was too low.’

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