Friday, September 12, 2008

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: North Wales Resident is Baffled By Apparent UFO Images Captured with New Digital Camera

UFOs Over North Wales

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Reader Submitted Report

"Whilst having a scientific background I do have a naturally open mind and my thesis is that whatever is out there uses technology we can only dream about."

     Since the acquisition of a digital camera I have been intrigued by the way objects not apparently visible at the time show up on the picture. Having a scientific background I have to play the sceptic and try to find rational explanations.

However an open mind is always there and is backed up by a growing collection of oddities including 'orbs' and a peculiar eye-like entity which seems to haunt the back garden at night.

Sunday January 23 2005, I was trying out the camera on maximum optical/digital zoom which is about 12X. It was taken on Kinmel Bay (west of Rhyl) prom quite near the car park and the Asda store not being far away. At first I noticed the white blobs on the left. Seagulls?

UFO Over North Wales Objects Emphasized
Well I've always found even at a distance some sort of a birdlike shape is there and it seems a bit of a coincidence that this does not happen with any of this group. Is the object above the roof of the shelter the North Wales Police helicopter? It is loud even at a distance but we were not aware of it; but where are the blades and the 'landing lights' seem to dazzle? There was no noise at the time of the photo' and I did not see the object until uploading it.


  1. Take your camera back, Mr. Science; it's defective.

  2. The camera isn't defective, but the camera owner might be...

    To the right, it's probably a streetlight.

    The other five ones to the left are probably seagulls

  3. Wow. Such negative comments. I`m surprised 'Tentacle' didn`t use the ever popular Venus explanation as well. Of course there are logical explanations for these things but not always. But to me these sort of comments sound like defense. As in defending their own limited view of reality. As in: "it ain`t real unless you can bang on it with a hammer".

  4. its taken from inside a car or something, those ufo's are rain drops on the window, doesnt take a genious D=

  5. Listen to Thomas, the "genious" who can neither spell, punctuate or capitalize. He is the voice of wisdom.

    A good investigator will not judge and dismiss based entirely on a photo. They would GO to the site and SEE if there is a streetlight there. The other objects don't look like raindrops or seagulls to me. They could be. But they could be a lot of things. Balloons possibly? Splatter some drops of water on the windshield and take another photo to compare. Snap a few shots of some seagulls in the distance to compare. Until someone defines exactly what has been photographed here, they remain unidentified objects.


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