Thursday, September 18, 2008

UFO Research Team Witnesses Green Fireball Over Cuba New Mexico!

Green Fireball
By Frank Warren
© 9-17-08

Scott and Suzanne Ramsey     Last night a report came in from the research team of Scott and Suzanne Ramsey:

Currently the Ramsey's are on a research trip for their upcoming book on the "The Aztec UFO Crash"; they've gone back to the "Four Corners area of New Mexico," specifically in the little town of Cuba (as of last night).

According to Scott, while turning around in a parking lot, he noticed something in his peripheral vision on the horizon; as he stopped to get a better look at this object thinking it might be an aircraft of some sort, he motioned for Suzanne to look in the direction of the oncoming object; as the pair watched the object's color became apparent, and he described it as a "green orb." He said it flew past their position at what seemed to be a low altitude, and on a level trajectory.

They kept there eyes on it until it was out of sight (the entire event lasting only seconds); Scott didn't indicate if he felt the object hit the ground or not; he was flabbergasted by the irony of the incident . . . that is to say, he and his wife doing research on their book "on UFOs," and then they happen see one!

Scott also mentioned that he often sees meteors in the rural area he lives in, that being North Carolina, but has never seen anything like this before! Our conversation turned to Dr. Lincoln La Paz and his "government sponsored" investigation into the "green fireball phenomenon" of 1948 (in New Mexico) and post years. His conclusions were that the fireballs were "not natural" . . . that is to say they were not meteors.

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